Geography: The People of Rubi-Ka
  Wading through blood, guts and muck on endless missions all day and just want to kick back with a dozen XXX-Plumbo Beers for some serious R&R? This should get you going - our guide to clubbing in Rubi-Ka - downloadable from every Infostation.      
  What started out as a few silent ones have over the recent patches seen a good improvement. There are now NPC's all over - some more interesting than others - that have little stories to tell. We'd naturally want a whole lot more of them, with a whole lot more to say and various quests, but we have to start somewhere.

What intrigues us is that many of these really have tidbits of story to tell, wether on the land around them or their relation to other NPC's and their personal lives and how they see their part of the conflict. These are also in most cases tidbits not found found anywhere else, and really adds to the world of Rubi-Ka as far as the story and setting goes.

Brutus Leonidis
Athen Shire
Harrys Outpost, Lush Fields
Ida Schuller
Omni-1 Trade
Southern Artery Valley
Ron McBain
Stret East Bank
Stanley Adams
Varmint Woods
Eric Mendelson
Varmint Woods
Horatio Campbell
Omni-1 Trade
Iziris Agathon
Omni-1 Trade
Southern Artery Valley
Southern Artery Valley
Sam Chin
Tir County
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