Geography: The People of Rubi-Ka
  They can be found almost everywhere - the inhabitants of this conflict-wrought world - and most of them have a little story to tell. Little stories about their perspective on life here and their role in it, or just advice and experiences handed down to the flow of newcomers.      
Harrys Outpost, Lush Fields

Standing outside his office in the aptly-named place of Harrys, Harry watches as the Bronto Drovers take care of the Mini-Brontos there.

At first glance, he doesnt appear to have much to tell, except maybe glare at you, but looks can be deceiving as we set out to ask him what he was doing there, and why he wasnt in a pub downing a few beers and talking to his friends.

The poor man has obviously had some bad experiences in the past, and has his own reasons for staying vigilant over his outpost...

So who is this man? The head honcho of the famed Harry's Outpost we all know and visited?

I'm Harry! Well, let's see now... when I'm not hunting Brontos, fending off mutants or bickering with Omni-Adm, I run a successful trading business. It used to be bigger, though. Over half my business was located in Omni-2. When the rebels attacked it, they destroyed or confiscated everything I'd spent so much time building up.

Poor guy, having his whole business wrecked must have been a blow to him. No wonder he keeps his last outpost under such a wary eye.. we proceeded to ask him what he thought about Omni-Tek and the Clans.

Omni-Tek is OK, I guess. At least they leave my business alone... Rebels? I used to think that they had somethnig going, until the attack on Omni-2. Those retards destroyed my bars and depots and inns and shops and...How can you take people seriously who don't even respect private property??

Not wanting to upset the man, we quickly changed the subject to one more neutral in tone, maybe the old man could share some of his experience and knowledge about the lands, and about the surroundings of Lush Fields.

I'm a rather busy man, but I guess I could tell you a little about Lush Fields. There's Lush Fields Resort to the south, and my little corner of the world up here. In between, there's mutants roaming around. The rest you'll have to find out for yourself.

Clearly this was the end of the discussion, as Harry took his rifle and started chasing some poor rustler down the street towards the guards screaming "Leave my Bronto's alone!" We hope he catches the culprit, although we do hope he turns him into Omni-Pol or ICC instead of using the various skinning tools he brought with him when he started chasing the rustler down the street.

These are the keywords Harry will respond to.
Omni-Tek, Clans, Lush Fields