Humor: Anarchy Online Player Types
  You've met them, shaken your head at them or run screaming in pain from them. We are talking about the different kinds of players there are out there. Ever met PvP-Pete or Whiner Wayne? We're sure you have and we hope you don't get to meet them again...      
  Have you bumped into people refusing to do anything but PvP? Ever bumped into the player in the backyards that gives you a free lecture on how to play even though you know how? Met that guy in the mission that will venture on his own oblivious to the train of mobs on his butt? Then you have met these people. Unfortunately.

Anarchy Online Player Types..


Pvp-Pete was born for destruction, bred for war and will try his best to demonstrate this in the arena. With his trusty level 200 beam twinked onto his level 4 enforcer, he smashes everything within a radius of 4 miles into smithereens.

PvP-Pete doesnt care much about levelling, XP or money. Those are futile pursuit in his mind. As long as he can get his Grandmaster title as fast as possible, PvP-Pete is content.

PvP-Pete hates doctors, other enforcers, fixers and just about anyone that lives more than 4 seconds after he starts hitting on them. If Pete were to have his way, there would be PvP everywhere, even in missions, so he could clobber his unsuspecting teammembers with his big hammer and stealing all their loot.

PvP-Pete frequently has wet dreams about being able to twink into level 200 armor like Azure and will complain loudly that there is no such thing as a level-buff. His idea of a moderate weapon is one that has all special-attacks including AOE-nukes and that can kill people on nearby servers.

  Whiner Wayne

Wayne is one of the more annoying types there is. Wayne will complain loud and often about the bugs in the game, even if he has to make them up before complaining about them. He might start off whining about one thing only to end up in a totally different discussion ending up whining at something else instead. Favourite subjects are Fixers in GA, Queen Blade Enforcers and the fact that he cant cast all his nanos at level 14. And whats with this mission thing anyway?! Impossible to solo bosses 50 levels above you!

Facts isn't something Wayne deals with on a daily basis. Most facts are boring anyway and its more fun to think up imaginary bugs and design flaws and complain about those instead. If there is nothing to complain about - he will complain about that intead.

Wayne thankfully enough doesnt last long. He will troll the boards for about a month before he realizes noone is willing to listen to him. Wayne then goes into the game to tell all his friends why he is going to quit it, and then complain about where the Cancel button is.

  Erica Explorer

Erica the explorer looks at anything but exploring like most people would look at something the cat dragged in. If its not possible to explore, its not worth it.

Erica realizes that she needs to level to be able to explore more, however, her habit of looking at the scenery and textures in the mission more than fighting has gotten her kicked from 20 teams and gotten her killed more than 80 times. Today.

Erica will go to great lengths to show her remarkable talent for pathfinding, even in zones she hasnt still been. Erica will take people far into nomansland, promising them a great view, regardless of if the great view is the waterfalls in Broken Shores or a small green pebble surrounded by red aggro mobs in Perpetual Wastelands.

Erica the Explorer wants to know everything there is about every mob, zone, mission, dungeon, unique, weapon and armor there is to know. If not, how can she possibly know the weak spots? Maybe the leets in the backyards WILL drop Nullity shield II if she only kills enough of them. Never know. On the other hand, there is no proof that the leets cant nuke her for 12000 Fire damage either...

  Cheater Charles

Charles motto is "Win if you can, lose if you must but always cheat". Charles is a bottomless pit of cheats, dirty tricks and exploits. Charles lurks in the shadows, lives in darkness and gets kicked where the sun don't shine when found out.

The life-expectancy of Cheater Charles in a team is 4 nanoseconds - until he starts asking what exploit they will be getting XP with. Cheater Charles knows twentyseven ways of getting XP without having to use his mouse, one even involves telepathy.

If Cheater Charles were left to his own devices he would be level 600 right now, plowing around in dualwielded Enhanced Queen Blade on his agent with over 50 billion credits to his name. Unfortunately for him, crime doesnt pay.

  Uber Ulf

Uber Ulf has one goal. To become Uber. Anything short of being able to solo Ian Warr at level 120 with his nanomage NT is being gimpy. Ulf will go to great lenghts using meditation, heavy drug-use and caffeine to stay up all night twinking his character to get those extra 5 HP on, which are vital for him surviving that extra nanosecond.

Uber Ulf has armor and equipment other people can only dream about because he quit his job to be more uber, because as we all know, more gametime means that you automatically get more uber. And Uber is what Ulf wants to be. Believe you me.

Uber Ulf cannot imagine how it is to play the game without 27000 HP, 12000 AC and a complete heal every two seconds and will call everyone regardless of level gimps.

Ulf looks down on everyone in the game, including himself should he get hit once. Should Ulf die he will restart his character because dying is for gimps, not for Ulf. Ulf wouldnt even dream of using his IP-reset points because it would mean he made a mistake, and Uber people don't make mistakes, they let gimps make them for them.

The last words of Uber Ulf soloing Ian Warr is often enough "You cant kill me! I'm ub..aaarrrhhhgghh!"

  Blitzer Bert

Bert has an affinity for blitzing. It doesnt matter what the blitzing is FOR, as long as Bert gets to blitz it. NCU, belts, chocolate muffins, cluster. Whatever it is, Bert can blitz it and will.

Bert has a runspeed of 5000 which makes turning a bit hard at times, but on the other hand it only takes him 2 seconds to blitz a mission. Blitzing the mission is Berts main goal since he since long forgot about getting that Grid Armor MKIV he saw on the tradeboard. Blitzing is its own reward and with over 6 billion credits to his name, Bert will blitz anything anywhere as long as he can do it quickly.

Bert once accidently blitzed into Rimor from Atlantean when he was on a speed-trip but he seized the moment and blitzed a couple of tradeskill items and went back to Atlantean to sell them in the shop.

Blitzer Bert is often mistaken for a graphical glitch where he spurts since his runspeed makes him look more like a blue streak rather than a fixer in grid armor. Or, in rare occassions, you can find bits and pieces of Bert lying in Perpetual Wastelands because he accidently blitzed into a mountain, exploded on impact and made a crater the size of Birmingham there.

  Tammy Teachyou

Tammy spends most of her time explaining things to other people. It doesnt matter if the person Tammy is teaching already knows the subject, Tammy will go to great lenghts to make sure she has everything covered so she doesnt have to explain it again (which she often ends up doing since most people fall asleep halfways through the lecture)

Tammy will make sure her (often unwilling) student is aware of what happens if they do one thing rather than another and what impact it will have on their stats, abilities, mental health and monetary assets.

If Tammy doesnt know anything about the subject, she will try to divert her pupils attention to a subject she does know about, often belittling the issue at hand. "Why would you want to PvP, when PvM is so much more rewarding" is one of her favourite phrases. Needless to say, Tammy Teachyou and PvP-Pete doesnt get along very well.

Last updated 25. October 2002