Humor: PlayTrox - "HeadlessJack"
  Centerfolds? Why surely not! This .. is .. Art! Every month we take a close look at the world of troxes and from the pick of the litter we pick a 'trox to represent himself or herself or itself, since definitions are a bit unclear on that point, and we present to you - the PlayTrox Calendar!      

If you've been to Rompa, you might've encountered Jack. Jack is the resident janitor/livein atrox, who has his offices in the Ladies room of Rompa. Jack is a headstrong fellow, although it might not show at initial glances. Carrying his beloved bone around, Jack will happily dance for you but we suspect that Jack has more between his shoulders than most atroxes. Figuratively speaking. He's a humorous fellow, our Jack, always up for a larf, or the occasional pie-eating contest, and by the looks of things, he's won quite a few, but don't tell him that.
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Height 6'0
Weight 260 lbs
Birth Date Ehh.. 32 years ago.
Birth Place Birthplace...well, I don't remember where I was born. Only that I was recucistated and augmented on Jobe, so - Jobe.
Affiliation Omni-Tek
Turn Ons Bronto Burgers..Long walks in the Lush Fields, leets, thoes little switches that turn cameras off...girls pooting.. and uhh.. did I say Bronto Burgers?
Turn Offs That'd have to be Head Jokes, Leets, Mongol Meals (Made of children) and people who call me headless.
Favorite Movie ...
Favorite Book .........!
Hobbies I like to dance, I like to crawl, I tottally love hanging out in bathrooms. I like to engage in verbal sparing.. and.. ehh.. I like to do the chicken and run around!
Motto I could really use some head

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