Unique Mobs: Torrith the Ancient
  In the arid wastelands of Greater Tir County, a scorpiod named Torrith the Ancient has taken refuge. He lurks in the sandy dunes waiting for the next hapless adventurer to walk by so he can shake his dentures at them.      

In the deserts of Greater Tir County, you might run into this scorpiod by the name of Torrith the Ancient. Torrith stands vigil over a small patch of desert at 400 x 2200. He wont attack you on sight like most other scorpiods but he will defend his small desertpatch fiercly if you decide to try to move him from it.

Torrith is indeed ancient. In fact, we suspect that the reason he keeps reappearing here every 18 hours is that he's gotten so old he's simply forgotten how to stay dead properly (age will do that to you, as well as complaining about young scorpiods of today and how the desert was much hotter in the old days), much to the enjoyment of the people that are after what he carries.

Torrith is a level 150ish scorpiod but since he's attained much greater strength than your average mob, he is indeed a lot dealier than that. He will attempt to poison you on every hit, and has quite the sting to his..well..sting. He's possible to solo though if you have the heals or evades for it, and can be taken down very easily if you have a team, just watch out for that sting of his.

  Neural Interpreting Nball - Melee fighting
This nano-ball works as a support brain, specialised in interpreting movement signals.
It will try to improve the connection between intention and action. To place it, simply press it firmly against your bare, right shoulder. It will painlessly merge in under your skin.

The Nball is only wieldable if you are an enforcer, and it adds around 20 points to your Piercing, 1handed Blunt and 1handed Edged skills. It also gives a small bonus of around 10 to your Melee Energy skill. The Nball is not a 100% drop however and it might take a few times before you manage to get hold of one.

Last updated 26. February 2004