Quest: Commander Brock and the Tir Rings
  A pink commander and a whole slew of rings, especially for the clans - what more could you want? This 5 part quest follows you from your first meager steps until way into the game, and will give you a symbolic and slightly useful ring as a token of appreciation for your effort in protecting Tir City.      
  Note that this quest is a clan-only one and cannot be completed or even started by Omni-Tek or Neutral players. It is also a long winded quest that cannot be easily completed as it involves taking down humanoid mobs of increasing difficulty - meaning that although you can start this quest right of the bat, you will not be able to finally complete it until you are of a level where you can fight and kill the required mobs (100ish and up, unless teamed - last ring requires a titlelevel of 5, or level 150 to wear).

Anyway, on to the show. In a small ragtag village outside Tir, the rather pink commander Brock overlooks law and order - this is the same village where you find Sam Chin from the Ghengis Pan quest, but Brock hangs out by some barracks a little further up the hill.

  Having a chat with commander Brock is probably a good thing to do rather early, as the items you need to gather are more or less freely available as you stroll around Tir in search for action or other adventures.

Walk up to him and strike up a conversation and you'll immediately notice his big shiny ring. Ask about the ring and let him know you don't have one yourself, and Brock will soon set you on a quest for your very own.

For the first ring, Brock will hand you a Dog-Tag Bag and ask you to fill it with 10 Dog-Tags. A regular man-hunt! The dog-tags can't be from anyone either, as you need to specifically hunt down Omni-Tek npc mobs that have gotten lost up in the northern territories. As Brock states, for the first Ring, you should hunt down Grunts - meaning "Amateur" or "Fresh", around level 1-10.

Also keep in mind that the npc mobs must specifically be Omni-Tek aligned, noticable by their "OT" affix in the name. If a mob is not named like this it's not with the Omni-Tek side and have no chance of dropping a dog-tag.

For the first part, this should be relatively simple as plenty of these npc mobs roam the countryside. The chance of one dropping a dog-tag however seems to be low (like 1 in 10 or so) so prepare for a long hunt. Once you find a dog-tag, named Grunt Dog-Tag, you can shift-right-click it on the bag to pop it in there. Looking at the bag will always tell you how many you have, until you have all ten and a Dog-tag Bag full of Grunt dog-tags.

    Dog-tag Bag
Holds 10 dog-tags of various types at wich points it becomes a "Dog-tag Bag full of x dog-tags"
    - Grunt dog-tag
- Rookie dog-tag
- Regular dog-tag
- Elite dog-tag
- Commander dog-tag

At this point, return to commander Brock and have a chat with him again. Turning in the bag should net you the Watcher of Tir Ring, and will now enable you to recieve the quest for the second ring.

  Watcher of Tir Ring
+2 to Strength, Stamina & Perception
Requirements: Titlelevel 1 and Clan

For the second ring, we need to do the whole ordeal over again, only now we hunt down Rookies for the Rookie dog-tags. Rookies appear from level 20ish up to around 60, so either hunt outside or find them in missions.

Much later that day...

Always return to commander Brock when you have the correct type and full 10 tags safely tucked away in the bag. Trading in the bag will net you the next level ring, and open up the next quest for harder mobs and bags to fill.

The rings grow better as you go, but the titlelevel to wear also increases, from titlelevel 1 to 5. Titlelevel 2 is level 15, titlelevel 3 is 50, titlelevel 4 is level 100 and titlelevel 5 is 150. This will put a definite hold on you not being able to complete and use these rings too quickly, but then again, the titlelevel corresponds well with the mobs you'll be fighting, so don't be so surprised if at the time you can wear the last ring, you've just gotten your hands bloody on an Ace npc mob.

The various tags that drop off the Omni-Tek aligned mobs corresponds to each level of ring and you don't neccesarily have to do them all in order. If you find yourself in a teammission usually much higher than your solo ventures, you should likely be able to pick up tags for the next level of ring or higher, so keep them around.

Watcher of Tir - Fresh and Amateur
Seargent of Tir - Rookie
Captain of Tir - Seasoned
Commander of Tir - Veteran
High Commander of Tir - Ace

Note that the commander of Tir ring looks very good with pink.

  Seargent of Tir Ring - Titlelevel 2
+2 to Strength & Stamina
+4 Agility
+8 Perception
  Captain of Tir Ring - Titlelevel 3
+4 to Strength, Stamina, Agility & Sense
+12 Perception
  Commander of Tir Ring - Titlelevel 4
+4 to Strength, Stamina, Agility, Sense, Intelligence & Psychic
+12 Perception & +20 Runspeed
  High Commander of Tir Ring - Titlelevel 5
+4 to Strength, Stamina, Agility, Sense, Intelligence & Psychic
+12 Perception & +20 Runspeed
+60 MaxHealth & MaxNano
+60 Projectile, Melee, Energy & Radiation AC

Worth it? Sure, base ability buffs are always nice for those missing points getting into armor and other gadgets, and the 60 extra health and nano for the best ring is certainly nothing to brush aside. Besides, the thing with these rings are that when you're clan, you'll be coming across these tags wether you want to or not, so might as well turn them in.

Got any good tips where to find the appropriate level mobs besides missions? Give us a yell and we'll list it here.

Fresh and Amateur mobs:
Around Tir, most notably to the north desert
Newland City Limits around the lake
Greater Tir County, East of Commander Brock at the Rock Formations

Rookie mobs:
Varmint Woods, at the Omni Outpost
Greater Tir County, South of Cyborg Dungeon

Seasoned mobs:
North of 2HO grid point, where the ferry point is

Last updated 02. August 2003

Bloodedge, Atlantean
Wirecutter, Atlantean

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