Quest: Fixer Grid Part 1 (Solo grid)
  The ever-so-popular fixer-grid. You know you want it. You know your friends wants you to have it (because then they can bum free rides from you.. the bastards!) but are you ready for the challenge of getting it? Well, find out as we show you how to enter the matrix.. Fixerstylah!      
  Before you set yourself out to do this quest, there's a couple of things you should know. First off - in order to get the quest you will need to be at least level 40 and be able to cast the nano that is the reward, or you wont be able to get the quest. This means you need to have meet the requirements of TimeSpace 132, SenseImp 180, Breaking and Entry 203 and finally you'll need a nanopool of 400. Aside from that you should also be aware that this is far from an easy quest, especially if you're in the lower levels. Highlevel fixers will have a lot less problems with this quest, but since you'll have to traverse both Omni and Clan territories, as well as run through some PvP-areas, we recommend that you don't try this one out until you are at least level 80 unless you are getting outside assistance.

Now, lets get started. The first thing you'll need to do before you set out on this quest is a little bit of scrounging of materials. To be more exact, you will need at least 100.000 credits as well as the following three items...

  A Leet Doll
The ever popular Leet Doll.
  Nano Crystal (Instantaneous Encoding)
Nano Crystal - The body of the fixer is encoded into digital form and transferred into the Grid.
    Bundle of Nano-Tubes
Oily to the touch - and incredible minute bundles of what seems to be hollow tubes

You can obtain the Leet Doll from the Specialist Commerce boutiques spread out on Rubi-Ka in the Toys and Curiousities booth. The Nano Crystal is available in any Basic Fixer Nano booth, however our third item there is a bit iffy to get your hands on. If you haven't read about or done the Alvin/Dodga sided pads quest we recommend that you do that now, since we describe in that guide how to obtain the Nano-Tubes. It will take a fair bit of killing in order to get one, so you might as well get started right now.

Back and ready to get cracking now? Goody!

The first thing we need to do in order to start the quest off is to visit a shady character in the Middle of Borealis, called Ofoz.

You can find Ofoz hidden away in Borealis at the eastern part of the wall, huddled together between the wall itself and a building. He's not the easiest character to spot in the world, but you'll notice him soon enough.

The exact coords for Ofoz are 680 x 580.

Open up a conversation with him and you'll soon find out that he has a mission for you. Of course, him being a rather greedy fellow, it will cost you a stunning amount of 25.000 credits only to get the mission and being shoo'ed off to find yet another shady character, Smokey Willy.

To Omni-Entertainment we go!

  Find a Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal...
Find a 'Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal' and give it to Ofoz

If you are member of the clans, now might be a good time to have some inside help, or at least know your way around Omni-Entertainment.

To the north in Omni-Entertainment is a slum-district, although technically Omni-Tek refers to it in the tourist brochures as a "Piece of urban, rustic setting" but what they really mean is The Slums.

You can find Smokey Willy at the northwestern part of the slums, at 470 x 1040.

Talking to Smokey Willy is a quest in itself, since his breath has been outlawed in three different countries as a heavy siege weapon. We recommend heavy-duty noseclamps.

Once you've told Smokey Willy that Ofoz is the one that has sent you, he'll instruct you to get a Instantaneous Encoding nano, so lets just give him the one we already have, shall we?

There. Smokey Willy will return to you a Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal.

  Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal
What a waste of a perfectly good program.

Thanks so much for that, Willy. You couldnt keep your breath to yourself, could you? This is also an excellent time to prepare for a later part of the quest, so throw Willy a few hundred breathmints and head off to the southeast part of Omni-Entertainment.

To the east of the southern cluster of whompas, you'll find a small park with a Bronto Burger stand in the middle. Just south of this Bronto Burger stand, you'll notice a Spoiled Brat standing around, hugging her pillow and sulking.

The exact coords to the Spoiled Brat are 950 x 360.

Something to keep in mind here.. If you cant seem to find the Brat there (and trust me, she's easily spotted) you might have to wait around a bit, since she despawns after you have spoken to her, so its likely that another fixer has been here (or possibly someone has been dragging her to quarrel with the nearby guards, that happens once in a while as well).

The Brat is very concerned about toys as you might notice when you strike up a conversation with her.

One of the toys she doesnt have happens to have is a Leet Doll, and she's only too happy trading in the somewhat more sophisticated one she has for the leet doll you bought earlier.

  Fancy Doll
This little collectors toy is popular with children of all ages. It makes cute, scratchy sounds, follows you anywhere you go and also cleans up litter. It is especially good at evading hits and kicks.

Now we need to head back to Ofoz and give him the Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal. He will then send you off to Broken Shores on yet another mission.

  Find some wafer thin nano crystals...
Find some wafer thin nano crystals and bring them to Ofoz

Remember to refill your yalmaha on the way, you'll be doing a lot more travelling soon!

If you cant grid to Broken Shores, there are both clan and omni whompas to the zone - however, the grid will be the fastest way there and land you closer to the next person we need to visit, namely Brenda Diamond.

Brenda has taken to spend her time at the east side of the Twin Towers in Broken Shores, at roughly
400 x 2250, which is quite the run through the wastelands if you have taken the whomparoute.

Once you get there, simply talk to Brenda and tell her that Ofoz has sent you and she'll request that you give her some money for the Homegrown Crystal Wafers.

Hand her 50.000 of your hard-earned credits and she'll give you some of her own Homegrown Crystal Wafers (make sure there are no hungry atroxes closeby) and head back to good old Ofoz.

  Homegrown Crystal Wafers
Thick or thin, sweet or salt, with vinegar or oregano - we cannot agree on how they
should be made, but all agree that the homegrown are the best.

Give Ofoz the Homegrown Crystal Wafers and he will ask you for some items, which you now should have. First he will ask you for the Bundle of Nano-Tubes.

  Find a bundle of nano tubes....
Find a bundle of nano tubes and give them to Ofoz

Since we've already gotten those, simply hand the Bundle of Nano-Tubes to Ofoz and he'll get you the next mission, for which we have already prepared as well. He'll ask you for an AI Cube, which we do not have.

  Get the ICC brand AI processing cube...
Get the ICC brand AI processing cube, or some fancy toy that contains it, and
give it to Ofoz.

By lucky chance, the Fancy Doll that the Spoiled Brat traded us, contains one of those, so hand him the doll.

Now here is where it gets tricky. The next part of the quest is a real rat-race, and you will need to be very sure of where every NPC in it is located, so pay attention and write this up unless you feel like you want to go through all of the previous bits once again.

After you have given the doll to Ofoz, you'll be given yet another mission.

  Give Incomplete Grid Hacker...
Give Incomplete Grid Hacker Crystal to Smokey Willy in Omni Entertainment. You need to hurry, as crystals in this state deteriorate VERY fast.

Run fixer... RUN!

You now need to head back to Smokey Willy (Omni-Entertainment 470 x 1040). Trade him the crystal, and he will upgrade it for you and send you on your way to the next person you'll need to talk to, Sally Tall.

Sally Tall is located in Meetmedere at the northern edge of town by 1480 x 2760.

You will have to traverse a 25% PvP-zone in order to get to her so be careful, she's hiding away behind a couple of buildings to keep her out of harms way.

Simply give the crystal to Sally and she'll upgrade it once more for you and send you to an old acquaintance of ours, namely Brenda Diamond in Broken Shores.

Brenda, just like last time, stands at the Twin Altars at 400 x 2250 and will happily upgrade the crystal for you.

After the crystal has been upgraded again, Brenda will send you away, this time to West Athens inside a bar called The Cup. The easiest way to get there is to grid to West Athens and right next door to the grid you'll find the entrance to The Cup.

Nice place really but no time to linger around as we're on a tight schedule here!

The person you want to meet inside The Cup is called Coco and you can find her right next to the bar on the righthand side of the café, where she stands shaking from caffeinepoisoning.

Trade the crystal to Coco for yet another upgrade and she will tell you to go find a Dancing Fool (yes, we know. The networking skills of these people
needs to improve greatly).

Exit The Cup, grab the grid and head off to Omni-Entertainment. Again, if you happen to be a fixer of the clan-persuasion, you might want to get ready for the guards skeetshooting at you while you fly there.

You will want to head towards a section of the city northeast from the Arena, namely Baboons. The coordinates for Baboons are 750 x 750.

Almost done!

You can find the Dancing Fool inside Baboons on the right-hand side of the disco, dancing away like.. like.. well, like a fool, quite honestly.

We're sure that somewhere in Omni-Tek law enforcement there is a rule against looking like this, however, we're not exactly part of the system here.

Give the Dancing fool the crystal, and once again, he'll upgrade it and hand it back to you and continue his dancing.

For the next part, if you are an Omni-Tek Employee, you might have to execute a fair bit of caution as you are going to land in hostile territory. Hostile territory meaning Old Athens. The best idea is to equip your yalmaha and fly high as you enter the Old Athens Grid.

You can enter from West Athens too if you feel like running a bit east and into the city. If you pick this approach, be prepared for the guards right inside the city, you might have to root or slow them in order to escape unscathed.

The fellow we are looking for is named Sirocco, and you can find him in the southwestern corner of Old Athens where he stands overlooking the city.

Sirocco is the last person you need to talk to, so make sure you get this final trade right or you'll be weeping for hours. Our resident fixer told us he still needs frequent visits to his psychologist for getting his blue bottom spanked by the guards at this point.

Hand Sirocco the crystal and he'll upgrade it once and for all to a NanoCrystal (Hack Grid Data Stream). As an extra reward for all your troubles, you'll also receive a quite exclusive membership card - the Hacker Club Member Chip.

  NanoCrystal (Hack Grid Data Stream)
Nano Crystal - This will create a temporary Data Receptacle that can be used to hack into a highly encrypted Grid data stream.
  Hacker Club Member Chip
This member chip belongs to an approved member of the 'Smoke Loungers'

Thats it! With our newly uploaded crystal and our shiny new Hacker Club Member Chip, doors will surely open and you'll be accessing the new fixer-grid of which we're sure you've heard so much about. But for now, lets go back to Baboons and get that Dancing Fool arrested for Conspiracy to look bad...

Last updated 10. October 2003

Krystanova, Atlantean

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