Quest: Fixer Grid Part 2 (Team Grid)
  The ever-so-popular fixer-grid. You know you want it. You know your friends wants you to have it (because then they can bum free rides from you.. the bastards!) but are you ready for the challenge of getting it? Well, find out as we show you how to enter the matrix.. Fixerstylah!      
In order to start this quest off, you need to have completed the first part. If you haven't already done so, please read our guide about that since you'll need one of the rewards in order to get this one going, to be more exact, you'll need the Hackers Club Member Chip.

  Hacker Club Member Chip
This member chip belongs to an approved member of the 'Smoke Loungers'

Before you actually go about getting this quest there is a few things you will need to prepare. The quest requires you, just like the first part, to fly around to different locations within a short timeframe. However - this time you have to make sure that the mobs in question are actually spawned first, so lets do that first.

What we are going to hunt are Lunaspells. If you haven't been killed by these at least once in your lifetime, you've either been missioning or gotten lucky. They're one of the meanest flowers around.

After killing the lunaspells, you will either get lucky and a cyborg will spawn, or you'll get unlucky enough to get another Lunaspell. These are level 130 and have quite a lot of HP for their level so you might want to get some help.

Like we said, there are three places these special Lunaspells spawn, each one spawns a different Cyborg, be it Grid Jumper, Grid Hacker or Fixer, as such...

Southern Artery Valley 1700 x 1200 (Grid Jumper)
Southern Artery Valley 2750 x 1250 (Grid Hacker)
Southern Foul Hills 1500 x 3150 (Fixer)

Make sure that you have all three cyborgs spawned before you start the quest. Before we move on to the next part there is something you need to know about these cyborgs. If they are within XP range of you, they will aggro, which means you cant open up a tradewindow with them which will be needed. Your best bet is to have outside help here from someone who can calm the borgs for you.

Next we need to go visit an old friend of ours from the first quest, Sirocco.

Sirocco is still lingering around in his old place in the southeastern part of Old Athens.

Like with the first quest, you'll need to meet some requirements for Sirocco to talk to you. In this case, you need to be at least level 100 and meet the requirements of the nanocrystal - 479 SenseImp, 340 TimeSpace and finally 401 Breaking and Entry skills.

Give Sirocco the Hackers Club Membership card and he'll take a look at it and deem if you are capable of handling the quest or not.

He'll give it back to you thankfully enough so you wont have to do the whole part 1 all over again should you fail this quest the first time around. Getting the cyborgs might be a pain, especially if other fixers are around getting the quest too, as you will see in a short while.

With Sirocco's blessing its now time to take to the skies - or in our case - the grids. By now you should have familiarized yourself with how the fixergrid works, with tiers and special fixer grid exits.

You'll have 7 minutes to reach the first cyborg we need to see, which is the Cyborg Grid Jumper in Southern Artery Valley 1700 x 1200. The fastest way is, you guessed it.. through the fixergrid.

Enter the Fixergrid and go to the seventh tier. Take the middle exit to Southern Artery Valley and you'll end up just south of the first Cyborg.

Trade him the crystal you got from Sirocco and the cyborg will despawn. Next, you'll need to travel to Southern Foul Hills.

Again, entering through fixergrid is highly recommended. The righthand exit to Southern Foul Hills in the seventh tier of the Fixergrid will take you close to the high rock where the Cyborg stands waiting your arrival. Fly up there and trade the crystal to the 'borg to have it upgraded and bail out again.

The last cyborg is again located in Southern Artery Valley and just like last time you'll need to Fixergrid here.

Take the same exit as before (the middle one) to Southern Artery Valley and you will recognize your surroundings from before. This time head east towards the waterfall and you'll run into the third and last cyborg. Trade him the crystal to have it upgraded to the final version. Do note that when doing so, a whole heapload of cyborgs will appear. These are not your friends. These are not members of the local Cyborg PTA. These.. are mean. With a capital M and probably a capital e, a and n as well, so don't stick around hoping for any intellectual conversations since they'll pop a cap in you first and ask questions later.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the Fixer Grid Team-version crystal! You'll definitely be very popular with this one in your bagage we can promise you.

  NanoCrystal (Hack Grid Data Stream (Team))
Nano Crystal - This will create a temporary Data Receptacle in the inventory of each member of the fixer's team.

Final word
If you really want to make sure you end up in the right places, it might be a good idea to download one of the custom maps such as the one made by Nepentheia. You can download the map from her site - it will have all the fixergrid exits covered. Its also highly recommended that you do a dry run of the grids so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. Little is more frustrating as that lag hitting you in the buttocks while you're in the fixer grid and you suddenly find yourself in the middle of Avalon - or even worse - Sweden!

Last updated 01.September 2003

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