Quest: Genghis Pan's errand
  Quite the little oddity, this tiny quest from the new patch probably won't see that many level 200 players camping it for easy profits. At first it felt a bit useless, but when we thought about it, it actually gave us something we cherish - no, not cherry flavoured yoghurt, but "story".      
  And not much at that either, but just that little feeling that the npc's are living their own lives and having a little backstory. If this was just a one time freak occurence, it would fall in oblivion pretty soon, but what if there were hundreds of these around the world? It would certainly add to the sense of involvement.

  It seems this Mongol Meat outlet in Tir City has a lot to do lately, and is also under the pressure from an imminent opening of a nearby Bronto Burger stand. All this has put some pressure on the manager, Genghis Pan, and he's now working out front dealing with customers, supplies, and even a little cleaning to help out.

The Mongol Meat shop is located in Tir City, 440 x 370, subzone Downtown Tir

Walk up to Genghis Pan, and introduce yourself. He'll look up from his papers and swabbing and greet you. When it's evident you aren't there for the food, he looks you over and asks if you would be interested in some work? Ask him about the work? and he'll give you a task to deliver some frozen supplies to Sam Chin, that runs a small village south-east of Tir.

  Bring these supplies to Sam...
Cash: 250 - Exp: 300
Item: (Random General Nano Crystal)

  Mr. Pan then gives you the frozen package and tells you to hurry, as it's very hot today and he's afraid the supplies may melt. And you should hurry - you have only 4 minutes to deliver it before the mission is removed from your assumed missions, and the frozen package melts.

Just head out the South Gate and follow the road south east and you should see the small village shortly. Sam Chin is standing by a rock at the first buildings you will encounter.

Sam Chin's exact location is 2730 x 625, Tir County, subzone Inquisitive Wasp.

If you don't see her right away, wait around just a little bit and she should be there. Select her and open trade to give her the Supply Crate, and once accepted the mission will complete. At this point she runs off to put it in the freezer, but is usually back within a minute.

The Quest is definitely geared to lower level players, as the nanocrystal reward is seemingly always a random one from the General Nano Crystal shop and realizing this, you might wonder what the hell you just did? We did too, but then you realize this quest was probably suited for any sub level 10 players, and maybe a bit useless at that too.

But still, you got to know the charming Genghis Pan and can probably get a bit of discount the next time you stop at his Mongol Meat, and you also got to meet Sam Chin, who when not busy running back and forth to her freezer with frozen yoghurt, can tell you a lot about the surroundings. And who knows, maybe this will be the start of hundreds of small quests to flesh out the npc's and the world story.

Last updated 16.October 2002

Jaszika, Atlantean

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