Quest: Bobic's Inventions
  Strangely enough, Tir and it's surrounding villages have lately seen a lot of new weirdos move in and set up shop. One of the more colorful of these is Inventor Bobic that, besides crazy ramblings, can also offer you a neat item he has just invented. He just needs a few parts.      
  North-West of Tir City, in the village Nodda Gregg is guarding, you can find Inventor Bobic outside his implant shop. 1900 x 1400, Tir County, subzone Striking Ant Forest.

Walk up to him and introduce yourself and Bobic will mistake you for someone else he sent out on an errand earlier. He does mention some parts and something about some legs though, so inquire about the Legs? and you'll get a down to earth, point by point description of what you need to do:

"Parts, legs. Legs n' Parts, all the same aint it. Point is that I needs parts and legs and as the legs I need are really parts and partially the legs are all the parts I need. I would be pretty happy if you would part right now, stretch your legs and get me some parts"

Right, doesn't get any more obvious than that, now does it. Bobic then asks you specifically if you will help him get some legs, so answer him yes and you should be set to go.

  Find Flexible Alloy Legs for Bobic
Exp: 1000

Don't worry about the reward for this part - the whole quest is made up of three parts and in the end you'll get a pretty nifty little item. But first, to the parts...and legs, and legs n' parts. Each of the three quests he will give you requires you to find a different part, so we might as well gather them all inm one fell swoop.

What you are looking for, for some unexplained reason, is a special breed of "Mutilated" mutants that has cropped up around Tir recently - some of them gathering around the coordinates 2550 x 1350. There are three types of these new mutants and they each drop one of the parts needed on a regular basis.

The nearest area where these mutilated mutants spawn is located just north and north east of the village where you first found Bobic, and stretches eastwards to the far end of Tir City. Of the three types, the Mutilated Eye-Q93 seems to be the hardest to get as very few of them stumble about. The three mutants to look for are:

The Shades drop the Flexible alloy legs, the Claws drop a Brain Module X349, and the Eyes drop a Visual T.R.A.C Scanner. Hunt them down until you have all three parts.

    Flexible Alloy Legs     Visual T.R.A.C. Scanner  
    Brain Module X349          

With our backpack full of junk, we head back to Bobic to see if we can beat some sense into him. Open trade with him and first hand him the Flexible Alloy legs (be sure to have the Legs mission in your assumed missions, and have him targeted to be safe). This will complete the first part and upload the second mission as Bobic rambles on about needing a brain:

"I need a BRAIN! A functional, working 'with all the lights on in the top floor' kind of brain, not some organic old fashioned junk!"

  Find a Brain Module X349 and bring it back to Bobic
Exp: 1000

Been there, done that. Hand Bobic the Brain Module and you have completed the second part of the mission. The third part will automatically upload.

  Find a Visual T.R.A.C. Scanner and bring it back to Bobic
Cash: 4000 - Exp: 1000
Item: Notum Hood of Bobic

After giving him the last item, the Visual TRAC Scanner, you complete the quest and receive a nice little invention Bobic made - the Notum Hood of Bobic.


Notum Hood of Bobic
Requires 24 Intelligence and Psychic to wear, gives great AC for that level,
and boosts Intelligence by 3 and MaxNano by 9. And besides, it looks (like
a Nano hood) a lot nicer than other things people are prone to put on their heads.

That done, Bobic thanks you for the Visual Scanner, but ask that you leave him to his work as he's busy looking for someone to bring him some Alloy legs.

Last updated 21.July 2003

Zervox, Rimor

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