Quest: The Trouble with Jack
  Jack "Legchopper" Mendez has been the scourge of Varmint Woods for quite some time now, and this atrox has made life hard on people passing through there time and time again. And now, it's even worse - someone decided to make clones out of him!      
  This is a quest clearly targeted to the higher levels - not only because it's hard to do, but also, the rewards given out all have level-requirements. Level 130 to be more precise. It's hard for a number of reasons really, and we'll explain how to do the quest and hopefully cut the camping time down to a minimum.

  This is Jack. Jack doesn't like people very much. This is how he looks prior to trying to lop off your legs with that axe of his, because believe us - he will try very hard to do just that. To tell you the complete truth - this isn't Jack at all - it's one of his clones.

God only knows what went wrong in whatever ungodly experiment somewhere, but now there's not only one overpowered brutish atrox killing-machine out there but a whole armada. Tremble, humans, tremble.

Anyway - this is the target of all the different quests - to kill one of the clones, and get the profession specific loot off of him. It's harder than it sounds, and can involve hours of painstaking camping and killing without any luck.

Is it worth it? Well, read on and find out.

First lets take a look at how you start off with this quest. That alone can be a bit of a ride, since you will need to find a specific NPC depending on your profession to give the quest to you. Not only that, but in many cases you will have to pry the information out of them with a hammer. If you lose the thread in a conversation with them, you will most likely have to start all over again, which can get frustrating after a while, but you'll get there. Like we said, depending on the profession you are, a different NPC will give you the mission to go kill Jack, and bring back something to them. These are the different characters you will need to approach to get the corresponding quests as well as the item you will be requested to quest for. We decided not to post the entire conversations of all the NPCs simply because it would make the guide explode and become too huge. However - if you do want spoilers of the quests, we highly recommend that you look in the profession-boards over at the Official Anarchy Online site.

Profession NPC Location / Quest item
Adventurer   Kendric Kuzio   1550 x 1000, Deep Artery Valley
        Quest Item: Jack's Head
Agent   Susan Furor   1200 x 1950, Galway County
        Quest Item: Proof of what happened to Joslyn
Bureaucrat   Nolan Deslandes   Neuters R Us, Newland City
        Quest Item: Important looking briefcase
Doctor   Quintus Romulus   1950 x 800, The Longest Road - Foremans Office
        Quest Item: DNA Sample
Enforcer   Bonzo   2850 x 1900, Mort - Beer and Booze Bar
        Quest Item: Jack's Weapon
Engineer   Janella Gheron   3200 x 2300 Greater Tir County - Cyborg Barracks
        Quest Item: Remains of a long lost pet
Fixer   Gridman   At the top of the Fixer Grid
        Quest Item: Jack's Head
Martial Artist   Daedra Iberra   1500 x 700, Pleasant Meadows
        Quest Item: Severed leg of the Grand Master
Meta Physicist   Elmer Ragg   1750 x 950, Mort
        Quest Item: Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus
Nanotechnician   Robin Raag   1750 x 850, Southern Foul Hills, Smuggler's Den
        Quest Item: Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus
Soldier   Captain Lewison   Reet Retreat, Stret West Bank
        Quest Item: Blood-Stained Dog Tag
Trader   Monday Kline   1300 x 900, Stret East
        Quest Item: Jack's Head

Like mentioned before - talking to the NPCs might be a task in itself. If you miss a line of dialogue, or the chatserver is a bit laggy - you might need to start all over, to make the NPC understand. Very forgetful ones, these. But in the end, you will get a mission that reads something like this (Example taken from the Meta Physicist quest)

  Bring back a Glowing Amygdala Nucleus from a repeatedly cloned individual.
Cash: 75000 - Exp: 75000

Of course - it's perfectly plausible to get the required item first, before getting the missions - in fact, we would recommend this, since you won't have too much pressure on you as you would have, if you already had the mission icon in your mission window. Nonetheless, we set out to do our mission from the ground up this time.

All the missions require you to kill one of the Jack "Legchopper" Clones that are spread throughout Varmint Woods. Now comes the task of finding these clones. There are six spawn-points for Jack. Arriving at these spawnpoints, you might encounter Jack "Legchopper" clones, if you are lucky. If not - you will probably meet a lot of these uglies - they're called Lifeswappers, Bodyswappers, or Soulswappers.

2500 x 500   2200 x 1100
2800 x 2700   3800 x 1000
2200 x 1300   4100 x 350

Every spawn will have five positions to fill - the aptly-named Swappers are infact placeholders for Jack himself, so if you meet Jack at one of the spawns, you will notice that there are only four swappers present.

Swappers are aggro, and fairly high - nevertheless they aren't too hard to kill, if you are high enough - this is even possible without a team, if you really know how to pull, or if you are a pet-class. However - should Jack spawn, you will be in trouble, mark our words. For every kill you get there is a 5-10% chance that a clone of Jack will appear instead of one of his placeholders.

One good tactic if each of your team-members can solo the swappers, is to send out scouting patrols to the different coordinates to kill all the swappers and wait for the spawn - the swappers (and possibly Jack) will spawn after about 20 minutes. You will have to keep doing this until Jack spawns, then call the team over and deal with him. Just don't let him deal with you instead - Jack is very hostile and will aggro pretty much everything but the local plantlife on sight and if you suddenly find yourself alone facing him, it might be a good time to leg it, unless you aren't allergic to dying. Pets work really well against him - the trick is to keep aggro on the same person at all times, since good ol' Jack hits for a substantial amount of damage. Getting the odd hit on you for nearly 1000 damage isn't all that fun when you are a nanomage for instance and Twicer had the misfortune of inspecting Jack's axe a bit too close a couple of times.

Jack always drops one of the questing items, which means that there is roughly a 12.5% chance of you getting the item you are after when you kill him. Mixed in with this is Jack's regular loot as well, of which one item will have a 50% chance of dropping:

  Silken Legchopper Gloves
These gloves can still pass as being white...

  This Axe belongs to Jack
This hand-crafted axe was the favourite axe of Jack the Legchopper. It has lots
of cuts along the helve.

  Supporting Carbonan Holster
This is an hi-intelligent arm-holster. It interprets certain muscular movements
and intensifies it.

As you might have noticed, some of the quest-items are used for multiple professions - like the Amygdala being for both the NT as well as the MP quest, so make sure you're not a team of fixers or adventurers heading out there cheering, because five of you might come back empty-handed unless you really go in for it and start an all-time-high camping streak. We recommend a steady supply of coffee, if this is what you've set your heart on.

    Band of Beeswax
    Ring of Crawling Ants
    Band of Dog Molars
    Ring of Magpie Tail Feathers
    Band of Snake Skin
    Ring of the Dolphin Spine
    Band of the Bear Claw
    Ring of the Falcon Talon
    Band of the Frog Tongue
Meta Physicist
    Ring of the Monkey Tail
Martial Artist
    Curl of Weasel Whiskers
    Ringlet of Black Panther Whiskers

All of the rings will add 14 to a specific ability, such as sense, agility, stamina and so on, as well as some other minor buffs to other stats. The best rings will give the wearer 112 more HP or Nano, and that's about it.

Final word

As for the various rewards from the missions, it's not one of the best rewards there is, especially when it comes to the time it takes doing the quest - indeed it can take days of playing, even weeks if you are unlucky, especially if you take into account the amount of killings without actually getting the loot you want.

Last updated 28.November 2002

Cheetarr, Atlantean

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