Quest: The Living Cyber Armor
  A little known general quest is already in the game prior to the 14.5 patch, and we're not talking about the Alvin/Dodga quest. There's a rather fun fellow in Newland City that is trying to boost the local economy, and he needs your help.      
  Look for a shady character with an odd name of Good Time Party Mixer near the Bronto Burger in Newland City - a bit into the city from the gates, and to your left.

There are other, sided Party Mixers as well that will give out the Living Cyborg Armor Quest - the clan mixer is stationed at Reets Retreat and the omni one in Lush Resort - there is even one in Omni-Entertainment in the club Baboons. you can also get your quest from these persons, but we are only listing the neutral one here, since everyone can do that one.

There seems to be more to this character than meets the eye, and if you strike up a conversation with him, he'll tell you about how he wants to boost the Newland City economy by various tasks and errands you could do for him.

He also mentions the Living Cyber Armor, which will be the goal for this entire, rather large quest.

These quests seems to be aimed at characters level 20-50, and the armor reward, although good, isn't for everyone. Each part of this quest will give you one piece of the armor, and during your chat with the Party Mixer, you'll get to choose what parts you want to quest for. For the moment there are only 3 pieces of the armor, the Body, Gloves, and Boots to obtain through this quest - the other pieces can be found, however only as loot from the Condemned Subway dungeon. Another feature with this armor is that it grows with your character, step by step until it hits quality 50 and is at it's best. More on that later though.

Walk up to the Party Mixer fellow and say hello in the vicinity. He'll respond right away and give you a little heads up on what he's doing. At the end of his little speech, he'll mention Living Cyber Armor. Inquire about this armor by telling him living cyber armor in his vicinity, and he'll respond by asking you what armor piece you'd want for running a little errand. The choices are boots, body or gloves, so tell him which part you want by saying it out loud.

Choosing a piece will start that part of the quest, and a mission icon will appear in your assumed missions tab with an excerpt of what the Party Mixer tells you to do. Since you do a range of quests for each piece, we'll outline them in succession, starting with the body.

Along the way you can also pick up a couple interesting items that at first are part of the quest, but if you choose to do the quests again you can keep these by not fullfilling the quest. They are not items of great strength or importance, but interesting oddities nevertheless.

    Living Cyber Armor Body
(Also a female version)
    Living Cyber Armor Gloves  
    Living Cyber Armor Boots          

Compared to normal cyber armor, or it's counterparts, the Living Cyber shares the exact same AC stats as normal cyber, but in addition will give a small boost to hitpoints and nanopool.

And the various minor items you can grab during the course of this quest:

  A Crashed Implant - (Special Quality level)
An odd item that goes in your right arm implant slot. It will give you a negative xp bonus of -1%, but boost your Fast Attack by 12 and MG / SMG skill by 30. Unfortunately you have to be a neutral to wear it.
  A Banded Ring of Hope
This is a fixer-only ring, used on the right or left finger, and add 1 to Sense.

Living Cyber Body Male/Female:
Our good friend the Party Mixer wants you to deliver a piece of Pure Carbon Fragment to a guy over in Wartorn Valley. At first it seems like an easy task, but does involve a little more. From the description, it might sound like you need to find a piece of Carbonrich Rock and a Jensen Personal Ore Extractor to process it, from a store, but this is not the case. All the special items needed for this quest will be found within the quest itself.

So, take a look at the first mission part you recieved and follow the instructions. Seems you are headed for a mission in Old Athen to meet up with a bunch of shady characters that has the specialized Jensen gem cutter you need. The easiest way to get there is through the grid, exiting via West Athen, and from there entering Old Athen. The mission will be uploadable to your map, so follow the yellow rabbit. The location of this mission may vary from time to time, but always seem to be within the same zone, as is the case with all the missions given within these quests. The mission is also a normal mission pick up item where the item is the Hansen Personal Ore Extractor you need. Once in your possesion, you'll recieve a new mission from the Party Mixer directly to your assumed missions tab.

  A Hansen Personal Ore Extractor
The Hansen Personal Ore Extractor is a weird version of the Jensen Personal Ore Extractor. It has been modified to do more specialized operations with Carbon Rich Rocks.

The second mission involves finding a piece of carbon rich rock, but not by normal means. This will be a mission to The Longest Road, where you will find a piece of carbonrich rock lying on the floor (looks like when you drop a normal carbonrich rock on the floor - a big bluish crystal). Picking up and right clicking the Hansen Personal Ore Extractor on this piece when you find it will complete the mission and give you a piece of Pure Carbon Fragment.
  A Pure Carbon Fragment
A small piece of carbon. It smells wierdly.

You should also be given a new mission to your system. Now, to finish the quest for the body piece we need to travel to Wartorn Valley and find the mysterious Bjorn Krax. Head back to Old Athen where you did the first mission and travel through exiting through the Eastern gate and you'll enter the Wartorn Valley. Luckily this particular part of the quest never changes and Bjorn should be at the same location at all times. Since the last part of this mission doesn't give you any coordinates, he can be a little tricky to find. If you want to find him yourself, stop reading.

Bjorn Krax
A rather silent fellow in his late forties. Just right-click him (while you have him selected) and give him the Pure Carbon Fragment. He should give you two pairs of Living Cyber Body Armor, one male and one female version, and complete the quest. You cannot sell or trade the piece you are not going to use, so delete it if you don't want to carry it around.

Bjorn Krax recently moved from his old location and can now be found around the coordinates 750 x 580, in Wartorn Valley, sub-area Junkyard.

Once complete you can travel back to the Party Mixer and receive a quest for another piece of armor.

Living Cyber Armor Boots:
An important note before starting this quest: To actually get the Living Cyber Boots you have to have a normal pair of Cyber Armor Boots with you - not bau cyber or any similar, only Cyber Boots (can be of any quality level though). Once you get the quest to delivering these normal boots for modification, you have only an hour before it times out and you have to do it all over. It might sound like an easy thing, but trust me, it's convenient to have a pair of normal boots in your possession in advance. As an example, when testing out the quirks of this mission, we visited a total of 24 basic stores and didn't find a single pair.

Our good friend the Party Mixer wants you to kill a person that has been blackmailing his honest business. This person is hiding inside a mission area somewhere in Varmint Woods (exact location may vary). Once complete he will tell you how to get a pair of Living Cyber Armor Boots.

This first part of the mission is a standard assassination mission, and the coordinates should upload to your system just fine. Head out the front gates in Newland City and take the road south. You should find yourself in Varmint Woods shortly.

Once the target is killed, you will get a thanks from the Party Mixer and the next part of the mission will upload. You'll also get a Crashed Implant (see above for more info on this odd item) that is part of the task. It seems something wierd is going on with implants, and you have to deliver the example Crashed Implant to an expert on the field called Sarah Winters.

Sarah Winters is another NPC that is the same everytime, but this one moves around a bit. The mission tab does give you a little clue where to find her, but it might still be a little shady. Travel back to Newland City and start off outside the main gates. From here, travel West / North-West until you come to a large mountain-range running North-South, starting a bit north of the lake. It should be impossible to miss as it is the only such land-feature in the area.

She might travel up and down the range and stand still for a while and thus be found at different spots, and also she tends to run around to the north of the lakes north shore. It might sound difficult but she isn't that hard to find once you start looking for her.

Another note here is that she can be killed, although there's absolutely no reason to. She respawns within an hour if it happens though.

With Sarah selected, trade her the Crashed Implant and you should have completed that part of the quest and be given the last mission for the boots. If you followed the advice above and have a normal pair of cyber boots with you, the next step should be over in a matter of seconds as the third part involves delivering this pair to Sarah for modification. Otherwise you have one hour to get her a pair.

With Sarah selected, trade her your normal pair of cyber boots and you should complete the third mission and receive a pair of Living Cyber Armor Boots.

Once complete you can travel back to the Party Mixer and recieve a quest for another piece of armor.

Living Cyber Armor Gloves:
Our good friend the Party Mixer wants you find one of his hirelings that is apparen'tly trying to sell furniture to the raiders in Newland Desert - not an easy task, I presume. He only needs the location though, so this first part is an "observe person" mission.

Head out the main gates in Newland City and travel north along the road and then into the desert. When you zone you should be in Newland Desert, so upload the mission location to your system and get to work. Once you have found the NPC wandering around, just target him/her for a little while and you should get the mission complete.

With this task done, the Party Mixer will contact you and give you the last part of this quest, namely to bring a certain ring (now in your inventory) to a certain person we already know from before, if you followed the quest in the order we described it. The ring is the Banded Ring of Hope, and we need to bring it back to Sarah Winters.

  A Banded Ring of Hope
This is a fixer-only ring, used on the right or left finger, and add 1 to Sense.

With Sarah Winters (see the boots part if you skipped that before going for the gloves) selected, trade her the ring and you will complete the last part of this quest and get the Living Cyber Armor Gloves.

Once complete you can travel back to the Party Mixer and receive a quest for another piece of armor or to grab some of the odd items involved.

Last updated 12. July 2003

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