Quest: Mr Blake & Omni Barracks
  It's not always we see some new lower level quest these days, but dangnabbit if they aren't fun little additions when they do appear. A new Omni-Tek agent by the name of Mr. Blake has a few errands for you to run, with some nifty rewards to boot!      
  These quests are for low-level omni players, but can freely be completed by higher level omni players too. You can probably make use of these items right out of the backyard training, so there's no real level requirement here. The items also carries a "Omni" requirement to wear, so no reason to brave the enemy if you're a rebel. Secondly, these are really two small quests rolled into one, and a chance to apply one of the easiest tradeskill processes to date - omnifiers!

Let's get to it shall we? The first person you should look up is an Omni-Tek agent by the name of Mr Blake. He can be found standing around in Rome Blue - just outside the Rome Blue Basic Store dead east from when you zone in through the northern entrance to Rome Blue.

It seems contact is lost with the barracks just outside Omni-1, and hoping for the best, Blake wants you to bring a Radio Transceiver part to the installation in case that's the source of the radio silence. Blake also mentions that the person in charge up there - Lieutenant Echholt - is fond of a little whiskey now and then, and should you run into him, maybe bringing a bottle would lighten him up.

  Deliver the Radio Transceiver
Deliver the Radio Transceiver to Lieutenant-commander Echholt in Omni Barracks

Reward: OT Armed Forces Training Helmet

Since we're hiking up there anyway, why not bring a bottle of whiskey to be sure. You can check in with the Bronto Chef at the Bronto Burger stand close by, or the bartenders at the nearby bars Rompa Bar or Baboons. What we want is a bottle of Scottish Whiskey Group - Vintage XI, a bottle with a green label found at most bartenders. Buy one and bring it with you.

Omni Barracks is located just outside the entrance to Omni-1, so head straight east from Mr Blake and out the main city gates. Outside the blue force field fences, head south into the forest and the shackle-towns located by the outer wall. Omni Barracks is a fenced in area on a small hill just a little bit south/south-west, easily seen on your minimap by the crowd of buildings.

Once inside Omni Barracks, let us find Lieutenant Echholt - he can usually be found standing around the big satellite dish there, and look surprisingly like Mr Blake - do I sense some grand cloning conspiracy?

As suspected, the cause for radio silence was just a faulty transmitter, so hand over the Radio Transceiver you got from Mr Blake - that should net you a nice reward in the form of a OT Armed Forces Training Helmet (below). Keep chatting with Echhof and his crave for a strong drink will reveal itself. Being a Lieutenant and all, he can pretty much ask you to do anything, so look for a new mission in your neural interface:

  The Lieutenant Seems to Want...
The Lieutenant seems to want something more. Find out what it is and bring it to him.

Reward: OT Armed Forces Assault Pack

Hand him the bottle of Whiskey we brought, and you'll be the owner of a pretty nifty new back-item called an OT Armed Forces Assault Pack. With both these items in hand, try them on. Pretty cool stuff. If you don't like the look of the OT Armed Forces Training Helmet, it can even be upgraded - apply an omnifier on it and it turns into a Modified OT Armed Forces Training Helmet and becomes a nice black Elite-ish helmet with a red visor, as well as some boosted attributes.

  + =   Modified OT Armed Forces Training Helmet
This is a variation of the helmet Omni-Tek Armed Forces uses in their training program to create a feeling of interdependence.

Don't expect too much from these though, they are clearly intended for the lower players. They do however work perfectly for that purpose. The regular Training Helmet gives a nice set of AC's ranging from 50-120 for the various AC stats, and also a nice +3 to Intelligence and +9 to Nanopool. When modified, +3 to Stamina and +9 to Health is added on top of the stats for the regular Training Helmet.

The Assault Pack however, is an all new graphic for a dear old backpack - the Pioneer Backpack some souls still have. It's all white and looks pretty spiffy, but cannot be used as a backpack - it's simply a back-item. It does however add 60 to all AC's, and 1 to all weapon skills and corresponding specials (like Pistol & Fling Shot) - nice if you lack that one point somewhere.

All in all a quick and fun quest that just adds color and spicing to our world - let's hope more are coming!

Last updated 10. December 2003


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