Quest: Nodda Gregg's Insatiable Hunger
  Fresh off the 14.5 patch, there's tons of new quests all around. An old friend of ours, Nodda Gregg, who has been standing guard for almost a year now has suddenly worked up quite the hunger! Unfortunately, he still can't leave his vigilant post and needs some help.      
  Nodda Gregg can be found up on a hill top just North West of Tir City. There's a little village there and Nodda seems to be guarding something important - at least his outfit suggests so. Clad in Raven's Energized and carrying a huge cannon, this burly Atrox is menacing on first sight. Once you get to know him though, you'll find Nodda to be a cheerful humorous chap that is just hungry from standing around for too long.

  Walk up to Nodda, select him in your target reticle, and talk in the vicinity to have him respond. Common courtesy is to introduce oneself though, so start off by telling him hello or hi or similar.

Nodda will turn to you and tell you about this great new Bronto Burger joint he saw earlier down in Tir City and is wondering if it is open yet.

The burger joint is not really open for full business yet, but Nodda doesn't know, and he looks so hungry! Tell him a white lie and say that the bronto stand is open.

Exact coords for Nodda is 1930 x 1500, Tir County, subzone Striking Ant Forrest

Thrilled about the prospect of filling that atrox stomach with food, Nodda shows a smile as broad as a toothless Tac-V85 gorging on a hapless freshman, and will ask you to kindly bring him some of their "exquisite cusine" Bronto Stew. A promise of "making it worth your while" in the air.

Aww, he's so cute - we can't really deny him now can we. I will bring you some bronto stew will make him jump around and upload a mission icon to your missions tab.

  Get Nodda some Bronto Stew
Cash: 750 - Exp: 750
Item: Loose-Fitting Hydraulic Gloves

Now would be a good time to visit the Bronto Stand if you haven't done so already. You aren't required to do this yet, but to catch up on why you're doing this, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with it. The new bronto stand can be found at 460x375, Inside Tir City, subzone Downtown Tir.

The Bronto Stand is not really open at all you see. It seems the Bronto Burger chain has left poor Berta all out of supplies and she can't really do anything yet - a good thing for the Mongol Meat close by.

It's really just a Bronto Burger sign, and the chef Berta the bronto-burger-flipper is standing around cursing the delivery boys for not getting all her gear together.

If you introduce yourself, and then ask her about Supplies? she'll tell you about her misfortune, but mentions that all is not lost. Seems she has a pan and some pottery around as well as a pocket furnace, and that if you bring her some meat of a bronto, she can cook you up a couple specialities.

So now the fun begins! Berta can cook two types of exquisite dishes from the meat of a Bronto. The first is a Bronto Rib Burger that requires some Bronto Prime Ribs, and the second is - you guessed it - Bronto Stew, from Bronto Meat.

Go get yourself geared up for some bronto-hunting! You'll need a Bronto Mating-call whistle, swamp boots, the man-portable Bronto tranquilizer gun, some chewing tobacco, and a towel. Every experienced Bronto Hunter will tell you this, but if you want to give it a shot on your own, go ahead. But seriously, as with the Bronto Armor, we need to go whack ourselves some brontos.

  Being the experienced Bronto hunters that we are, it didn't take long to bring the species to near extinction in both Greater Omni Forrest, Greater Tir County and Andromeda.

Or why not take a short camping trip to the western side of the Newland Lake?

It turns out Minibrontos have suitable pieces of Bronto Prime Ribs, while Young Brontos are perfect for carving out slabs of suitable Bronto Meat. These pieces are nodrop though, so you have to go out and do the dirty work yourself. A devastating blow to the Bronto Hunters looking for a charter.

Once in your possesion - yes, be sure to bring back one of each, as there's more to this quest that meets the eye - head back to Berta and give her one of each piece separately. Bronto Meat will give you some tasty Bronto Stew, and Bronto Prime Ribs will turn out a juicy Bronto Rib Burger.

  Traded     Bronto Stew
Some stew.

  Traded     Bronto Rib Burger
A juicy bronto rib burger.

Not much left now than to hurry along to the hungry Nodda. Once there, just open trade with him and give him the Bronto Stew, which he will devour in a noisy display of eating-disorder, and then the mission will complete. But wait, there's more!

Seems stew from a young Bronto wasn't enough to quench Nodda's hunger (have you any idea how much stew a 20 ton Young Bronto would make?) and seeing as you did so well on your first part of the quest, Nodda will ask you to do just one more favour for him. He asks that you bring him a Bronto Rib Burger to finish it off, since he's still as hungry as a "Humongus Baraton on a fat-farm". Tell him Rib Burger? and he'll take it for granted that you'll get him one, and upload a second mission to your missions tab.

  Get Nodda a Bronto Rib Burger
Cash: 1250 - Exp: 1250
Item: Solid Steel Hydraulic Legwear

Since we already have the Bronto Rib Burger (He could smell it, I'm sure!) just hand it to him and you'll complete the second mission.

  Loose-Fitting Hydraulic Gloves
Requires 20 Agility and Stamina to wear, and gives a bonus of +4 Strength,
as well as good AC values for the level.

  Solid Steel Hydraulic Legwear
Requires 27 Agility and Stamina to wear, and gives a bonus of +5 Stamina,
as well as good AC values for the level.

Not bad for a days work, eh? In your possesion now should be two neat pieces of armor you can cherish knowing innocent Brontos had to die for them.

Last updated 18.September 2002

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