Quest: Alvin & Dodga Shoulderpads, Part 3
  The first quest ever to appear in AO, now on Arcanum - better late than never, eh? Actually this quest, as far as quests go, is one of the more extensive and also well-balanced there is as it pertains to all sides. And if you haven't done it yet, you really should.      
  This is were things get rough - part 3 of the sided shoulderpads. With your card II ready, you can head back to your agent of choice and turn it in for the third and final part of this mission. But hold on just a sec - like in the first part, you do not need to have this part running to accomplish the task, and with the normally difficult nature of this, it could be a good idea to wait to return the card until you have the items needed and/or know you can finish in the time given. Should you start this quest and fail to finish in time, you will need another card II - often meaning you have to complete part 1 and 2 all over again. Once turned in, you have 30 days real-time to complete the quest.

With the help of the surveillance in part 2, we know know all about how the army of killbots operates and communicates with eachother. Time to put a stop to it for good. It's not an all out war, but rather an effective counter-attack - what you need to do is get a hold of all the communication chips the robots use to organize themselves with. This will ensure the good guys can always pose as any of the bots and disrupt them from ever devising anything in secret again.

  Dismantle Trash King and all his lackeys
Credits: 250.000 - Exp: 150.000
Second Update Syringe
1 Mission Token & 1 Bravery Token

Not as easy as it sounds, this will involve dismantling all 8 lackeys and eventually also the Trash King himself to construct this device of miscommunication.

  And that's basically what all part 3 is about - killing stuff. Trash King himself is by far the hardest of the bunch, but not overly so. A good team of people around 100ish including some solid healing and firepower should have an ok challenge - in a perfect world. In the real (or animated) world, you are not only competing against Trash King, but also all the other people present to do the same thing. It doesn't matter if you could theoretically beat him - you have to be team or person fighting him who deals the most damage to be able to "win" the fight and be able to pick up the item you need. Copple that with the highly sporadic spawn time of Trash (part2), and you have for many one of the most excruciating experiences in AO.

Sadly that is how it works, and there's no easy way around. Either bring the biggest guns and the toughest fighters to the scene, or try to team up and find a fair way of deciding who gets the item.

Trash King will drop the first part of our comm device - the part that all the other parts fit into, namely a "Communication Rack with 8 empty slots".

    Communication Rack
This fascinating communication device has 8 slots for inserting ID-chips

    Communication Processing Unit
This seems to be an ID-chip of some sort


Next we need to fill this rack with 8 Communication Processing Units, from each of the 8 lackeys. All these are tagged with a short ID for the lackey in question, like "Communication Processing Unit ID=LM" would be for Live Metal. They are all unique and nodrop so don't worry about getting it messed up - you'll get one of each until you have all eight. Note that all of these and even the Rack can be gathered at any pace you like, in any order, unlike the tagging procedure. Once you the Comm Rack, just pop the Comm units in one by one in the correct order (below).

Bringing down the lackeys is the easy part. A team of 60-70+ should have no problem here, and a single person can usually take them down alone around 130+. Watch out for the roots though. Since the lackeys now only drop the comm units, there shouldn't be any trouble finding them alive and well. A 'fun' note here would be that in the early stages of this quest, the lackeys also dropped some really nice stuff on the side. Most notably high-level damage rings, bracers of reflection and similar, in addition to also dropping the robot parts used for the assembly in part 1. Even Trash himself dropped some really unique items that is no longer in the game. You can imagine how increasingly hard and how longer it would take to actually do this quest when these bots were killed on sight for everything but quest-related items.

Trash King Lackey
West Athen, 1600 x 1000
Electro Unique
Wailing Wastes, 600 x 1900
Nuts & Bolts
Wartorn Valley, 700 x 650
Greasy Joints
Newland, 900 x 950
Live Metal
Greater Tir County, 1650 x 2200
Best in Brass
Rome Stretch, 400 x 800
Lush Fields, 3000 x 3200
Greater Omni Forrest, 2000 x 2300

Once you have them all and the Communication Rack from Trash King, just use the units on it to assemble them in the order above. The finished device will be a Complex Communication Processing Unit - the item we need to return to complete this quest.

For this, like before, you will be given an update syringe - called the Second Update Syringe. Using this on your second pads from part 2 will update them once more.

    Pads of Dedication
    Shoulderpads for the Veracious


Now these cool shoulderpads are really starting to show - literary. The third level pads builds on their previous stats and now adds 200 extra health and nano, +20 to First Aid, and 100 to all Armor Classes. Requirements to wear are belonging to the appropriate side, and being level 50 or higher. In addition, when worn, the third level pads also show up on your persona on top of everything else and looks quite nice.

  Since the pads can go in each of the shoulderslots, you can also wear two of these - as long as they are of a different type. Meaning if you have the patience and dedication you could work up to get the third pads, then start over again and work up the second level pads to have in your other shoulderslot for a nice 350 hp/nano and +32 to firstaid.

For neutrals, there's an even greater advantage as they can freely wear both sides pads and could actually work up one third level pad for each side and wear both for an even nicer 400 hp/nano and +40 to firstaid. The graphics for the pads overlap in this instance however, and looks rather wierd.

So is it any more to it? Could be. A peek at the database for upcoming patches show something called an "Enchanced shoulderpad" so who knows if this is the last we have heard of the merry band of killbots.

Last updated 22. April 2002

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