Quest: Specializations - Professor Dedlocks Books
  If you want to upload the new nanos Shadowlands has to offer (and you do..) you'll have to commit some time to completing the Specialization quests, and the person you need to look up in order to do so, Professor Dedlock, will twink your NCU a bit so you can do just that.      

This will be a reoccuring sight as you progress through Shadowlands. The good professor Dedlock. You can find the professor greeting you first thing you see when you walk into the Basic IPS shop in Jobe Harbour.

Dedlock is the man you speak to if you need your NCU 'twinked' which really means allowing you to complete your specializations. He might not be the most sympathetic man in Shadowlands, but if you strike up a conversation with him, he'll be more than happy to talk about books, JAME, books and books.

It is clear that Dedlock is an avid book-collector and he has tasks for you involving just that as well. Dedlock will twink your NCU for each set of books you find for him and this is called Specializations. Specializations gives you access to new exciting nanoprograms available only through means of completing his quests, which means that sooner or later, you'll have to knuckle under and get sent out into the wilds by this character.

There are four specializations in total, and for every specialization Dedlock will send you out to hunt down harder and harder enemies in order for you to obtain the pieces of them. The books come in chapters, which you will need to obtain through your journeys through the Shadowlands. The books are most often found on the sided mobs, so you will need to get ready for some outdoors pouncing on mobs in order to obtain them. For the later playfields, you might require some aid with these as they have a tendency to get rather mean come Scheol and Adonis. An important thing to know before you head off doing these book quests is that the books are NODROP and UNIQUE, so there is no hoarding stuff for your friends here, for good and bad.

For Nanotechnicians, the specializations also means that you get a special little goody that has been wanted for a long time - namely the Cyberdeck. The Cyberdeck adds quite a nice set of bonuses to your nanoskills, so you will definitely want to get these if you happen to be a Nanotechnician.

    Basic Cyberdeck - Adds 25 to all nanoskills (Specialization 1)
Augmented Cyberdeck
- Adds 50 to all nanoskills (Specialization 2)
Jobe-chipped Cyberdeck
- Adds 75 to all nanoskills (Specialization 3)
Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck
- Adds 100 to all nanoskills (Specialization 4)

First specialization
The book in question you will need to obtain is called The Mariners Father, and it comes in four chapters. This book is the easiest one to obtain and drops frequently from the sided mobs in Nascence (you can opt to go to Elysium or Scheol as well for increased droprate but the droprate in Nascence isn't too bad). The best way to obtain the book is to visit the Unredeemed or the Redeemed encampments and start waging war on the local populace there (or indeed, you can actually find the books on the sided Tempterous mobs in the backyard if you're not in the adventuring mood). After a bit of slaughter, you should end up with four chapters of the book.

    The Mariner's Father - Chapter 1
The Mariner's Father - Chapter 2
The Mariner's Father - Chapter 3
The Mariner's Father - Chapter 4

    The Mariners Father
This is 'The Mariner's Father', a book written by Gator Ocra.

You can turn the chapters in all of them at the same time or combine the chapters into the complete book instead (which also has the benefit of conserving some inventory space. The mobs you are going to go up against are between level 30 to 50 so if you are around those levels it might be a good idea to grab a team for your hunt, or a high-level friend to help you thwack them.

Second Specialization
The Second Specialization quest, the hunt for a book called "The Girl That Saw It All", brings you to Elysium and Scheol. Elysium is a very big playfield and a lot of sightseeing will be necessary, but its a beautiful place so you might be lost, but you'll still be happy enough wandering looking at the scenery. One thing to be careful of in Elysium is the brink. The mobs living at the end of the world here are really mean and wont hesitate to run up to you and the last thing through your mind if you're not level 150, will be your shoes. Scheol is even worse and you will want to get a team if you don't want to keep pulling single or dual mobs. Elysium has a fair droprate on the chapters you are looking for and mobs in Scheol tends to drop them a lot.

    The Girl that Saw it All- Chapter 1
The Girl that Saw it All- Chapter 2
The Girl that Saw it All- Chapter 3
The Girl that Saw it All- Chapter 4

    The Girl that Saw it All
This is a book written by Wibutee Shuzar.

As before, the book comes in four chapters, that you can turn in as a bundle, or combine them into a complete book. The mob level ranges are between 70-90 for Elysium, so if you're around those levels, bring a team (and for gods sake, avoid the Brink like the plague).

Third Specialization
The third specialization is for a book called Kanel's Story. Kanels story will bring you to Scheol, Adonis and Penumbra, where it has a semi-decent droprate (lowest in Scheol, naturally) if you visit the sided camps. Adonis and any playfield beyond gets tricky though, the mobs in here are definitely not to toy with, so a nice team and you should be set to take them on. Its highly recommended that you try to enter the headquarters of the camps rather than fight in the open, as you might have to zone if you get a few mobs too many. Also note that if you are in Adonis and your faction is lower than -5000 for the mobs you are going to hunt, they will aggro you on sight, so be prepared.

    Kanel's Story - First Edition
This is a book written by Izus Gamadroch.
    Kanel's Story - Third Edition
This is a book written by Izus Gamadroch.
    Kanel's Story - Second Edition
This is a book written by Izus Gamadroch.
    Kanel's Story - Fourth Edition
This is a book written by Izus Gamadroch.

As you can see, Kanels story does not come in 'chapters' but rather is a collection of books in different editions - quite the writer that Izus Gamadroch. Adonis mobs ranges between around 130-150 and you'll find it hard to pull singles and duos here. If you're not a good soloer you will want to grab a team and go hunting for these.

Fourth Specialization
The fourth and final specialization is for a series of books called Afirce's World Catalogue of Books. There are five of these and they're quite rare. In order to lay your hands on them you will need to travel to Adonis and the frozen lands of Penumbra (or, if you're really suicidal, Inferno, in which we expect the droprate is higher, but so are the mobs), where you'll encounter the first playfield consisting of green mobs (if you're level 200) and for Shadowlands that should tell you something.

    Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume One
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Two
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Three
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Four
Afirce's World Catalogue of Books - Volume Five


Mobs in Penumbra are nasty, especially the sided ones, so be prepared for quite a matchup. Getting a team in Penumbra and going hunting for these books is definitely a challenge, and one you should not take lightly.

Last updated 05.October 2003

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