Quest: Ergo's Rubi-Ka Manifestation
  The very first hint of Shadowlands impending status came with a quest of sorts, on Rubi-Ka itself, that would work as a portal to other dimensions. Although very much related to the Shadowlands, this quest and item is gotten on Rubi-Ka, and is available to all levels, sides and professions.      
Also note that the information below is only one way of getting this ring. The other option that lies before you is to complete the Nascence and Elysium tasks for Ergo. For characters over level 150 however, this is the path many opt to go since the ring will get you almost directly into the fray of the Mid-level areas as opposed to going the long way around starting at the beginning in Nascence.

The ring in question will follow you through Shadowlands and be a part of your endeavors there for some time to come. The following outline will only deal with how to get and assemble the ring while on Rubi-Ka - something that can be done whether you have Shadowlands installed or not - as well as any information pertaining to the future use of this mysterious ring.

During the first patches that enabled Shadowlands, this ring played a part in the transgression into the shadowlands, as you either had to pay a token and some credits to enter, or could forego the token if you had the ring. This has now changed with the token requirement removed, and the ring is not needed to enter the Shadowlands.

Alright, down to business. There's a new ...thing in town, called Ergo - Guardian of Shadows on Rubi-Ka. Not really in town either really, but placed in three areas on Rubi-Ka. In the deserts of Wailing Wastes in the Yuttos Encampment located at 550 x 550 you can find one of them, most suited for members of the clans. Omni-Tek personell will have to visit Great Omni-Forest at 1200 x 2800 in the Sunken Swamps, and neutrals can visit good ol' Ergo in Stret West at 1500 x 2700, East Last Ditch (close to Reets Retreat).

Have a look here for some more info on Ergo and what his mysterious Guardian of Shadows faction stand for. Ergo is a representation of himself on Rubi-Ka, as the name implies, and boy does the fellow have a weird appearance. Like a big hovering chunk of highly sophisticated metal.

"Yarr.. I used to be a member of Talking Heads but they kicked me out!"

Visiting Ergo's manifestation on Rubi-Ka is however not the first task on the menu. First we need four odd pieces of broken down gear, to offer him in return for the ring. These four pieces doesn't drop off a single 18 hour unique spawn one by one, as one would expect by now, but the harsh truth isn't that far away either. These items drop from any "normal" mob in any of the unique dungeons scattered about, except the Temple of Three Winds, or Inner Sanctum. That means, any non-boss mob in The Abandoned Subway, Steppes of Madness, Foremans, Cyborg Barracks, Smugglers Den, or Camelot, have a potential to drop one of the four pieces.

As you would expect, why hunt the higher mobs when you can wipe the floor with the grey mobs of the lower-leveled dungeons? The problem of course is that everyone else tends to think in around the same lines, so these dungeons can be mighty camped and anything moving or spawning will be annihilated within a fraction of a second - be prepared for a cozy couple of hours worth of camping.

Mindpain aside, the four pieces you are looking for are as follows:

    Small Power Supply
    Copper Wire

    Circuit board
    Burnt out Memory Chip

They are NODROP, so no sharing the items you already have with someone in need. Once all 4 pieces are collected, there's really not much more to it. Simply go have a chat with Ergo's manifestation - at about 550 x 550 in Wailing Wastes. Strike up the conversation window and look for the 'Trade' button on the interface. Once pressed, a 4-slot trade should appear. Drop your items and hit OK, and Ergo will bestow you with the ring matching your profession group:

Support Unit - MetaPhysicist, Adventurer, or Doctor
Infantry Unit - Martial Artist, Enforcer, Keeper, or Shade
Extermination Unit - Nano Technician or Bureaucrat
Control Unit - Trader or Engineer
Artillery Unit - Soldier, Agent, or Fixer

The rings also come in different strengths, from +1 to +7. Depending on your level, Ergo will give you either a +1 or +2 ring from your first encounter, The +1 Ring grants you passage to Elysium, while the +2 ring grants you passage to Scheol. Do not worry however, these rings will upgrade in Shadowlands, so if you do happen to get the +1 one, abide your time.

The various strength rings have different names too, where the +1 ones are Insipid and the +2 ones are Caliginous, and so on. In Shadowlands, you will be able to update the rings further in strength.

So what do these rings do? Quite simply, boost your skills, almost all of them. Any ring will give you a bonus to 1-4 base abilities according to your unit group (example, Soldiers get bonuses to Strength, Stamina, Agility and Sense - while Engineers get a bonus to Intelligence). Further, combat skills or tradeskills get boosted equally, still according to Unit affiliation where Soldiers would get a bonus to Assault Rifle, Burst, Full Auto etc., while an Engineer would get a similar bonus to tradeskills and nanoskills. In addition, all the rings seems to give xp rewards, up to 7%, and some even have NCU modifiers, heal/nano delta, nanoresist, various evades etc. And last, there's a little AC involved also, "tailored" to your unit.

Depending on your level, the ring will automatically transform, depending on where Ergo sees fit you can do the most good. If you are high level, you will not need to go through Nascence or Elysium for instance. There are a few versions of this ring you can get, depending on your level, and these are:

Level 50: Insipid Ring, grants direct passage to Elysium
Level 80: Caliginous Ring, grants direct passage to Scheol
Level 130: Achromic Ring, grants direct passage to Adonis
Level 160: Rimy Ring, grants direct passage to Penumbra

Also, to aid you in your quest for the playfields, Ergo will give you the equipment needed to survive in these brutal lands, such as the scubagear for Adonis and the goggles for Penumbra.

All in all, the rings are customized to your profession, or rather unit. Some of this is bound to fail horribly no doubt, and we can only speculate about the motivation of placing some of the professions together. As a quick example, MetaPhysicists are grouped with Adventurers in these ring's unit system, and thus get bonuses to Agility and Sense, Vehicle Water, Concealment, Tutoring ... "typical stuff" your local MetaPhysicist can't have enough of.

Last updated 05.December 2003

Zellez, Atlantean
Nepentheia, Testlive

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