Quest: Key to the Garden of Aban
  One of the first things on your todo-list in Nascence as a proud member of the clans ought to be to get the Aban insignias in Nascence. They'll make life a bit easier on you and give you a taste of how travelling in the 'lands work.      
For each type of playfield there are four "gardens", two for each side, and often a tribute to a particular grand hero of that side. The gardens themselves comes in two varieties, the regular Gardens you will come across first, and later Sanctuaries. Think of it as a step up on the career ladder.

All in all there is little difference between a Garden and a Sanctuary, except for a few services rendered there from the minions of said hero (like nanoprograms). This guide will deal with the Garden of Aban, a hero of the Redeemed side (Clan).

NOTE: To more easily complete this quest, you need a minimum of 5 Aban Insignias to complete this quest - 1 to enter the Garden for the first time, 3 to charge the analyzer 3 times, and 1 to re-enter the garden to complete the quest. One Insignia is also used to show Aban Fala, but you will get this one back.. If you have a couple extra Insignias, you can use them to cut down on the travel time required by going back into the garden through the various statues placed in Nascence..

Insignias of Aban can be found mostly on neutral mobs, and on Unredeemed mobs. You can also talk to the person on the bridge out of Jobe Research into Nascence, inquire about insignias and you will receive one of each for free (Thrak for Unredeemed and Aban for Redeemed).

Once you've decided that you wish to side with Aban and his minions, your next stop is a certain scientist in Nascence by the name of Donna Red.

Donna Red can be found at approx. 980 x 1750, in Nascence Frontier. Talk to her and offer yourself to help her out and she'll be happier than a reet on speed. She'll hand you an ancient device and you'll be on your way. She'll mention a certain Sipius and while most of her blathering is quite inane, that is a valuable piece of information. You'll now get a mission from her, and need to seek out the Redeemed encampment in the eastern part of Nascence.

Now.. you can run there. Yes, indeedy, however - if you're a clever sort (and you are) you'll want to go through the statues in the garden instead. Find yourself an Aban statue - there is one closeby at the white wall you can go through and use an insignia to zone into the garden. Here - find the statue that leads to Silence, and jump through it and you'll end up smack-bam in the middle of the Redeemed encampment.

  Here you'll need to locate the head honcho named Ecclesiast Aban Fala. You can find him and his bodyguards squeezed between two buildings.

He'll already know you're coming to talk to him and will mention that he's been waiting for you. Ask him about the Ancient device and he will give you the task of bringing back proof of Abans prescence in Nascence.

As you might've figured out already, that'd be one of the insignias of Aban. Hand it over to him for inspection and he'll commend you on good work and give it back with another task.

Your mission, Jim, should you chose to accept it - and you have - will be to locate a statue. And what you All you need to do is target it, so find yourself a statue (may we suggest the one you entered through to get here perhaps?). Keep it targeted until you get a "mission complete" indication. If you skip this part and enter the garden right away, you won't be able to continue to the next part.

Once the Thrak Statue is targeted and that task completes, use an Insignia of Aban on the statue and enter the garden. You should have a new task uploaded telling you to locate a certain minion inside the garden. His name is Sipius Aban Lux-Wei - remember who Donna Red talked about? This is the guy.

As with the other minions he is very interested in the Ancient Device and will ask to inspect it once you talk to him. Give him the Ancient Device and he'll tell you that its infact an Ancient Pattern Analyzer and he has a small task for you to complete - isnt that a surprise?

Now for the real task in this grand quest. Lux-Wei needs you to bless 3 feeble creatures in Nascence. Ever noticed those Silvertails hanging around? Yep, those are the ones! First lets look at how you "charge" the Pattern Analyzer though.

Pick up an insignia of Aban and shift right-click it on the pattern, and you'll end up with an Ancient Pattern Analyzer graced by the Faithful, like so..

  + =   Ancient Pattern Analyzer graced by the Faithful
This Pattern Analyzer was forged by the ancient civilization referred to as the Xan. It has also been charged with an Insignia of Aban, affecting its abilities considerably. This item seems to fit over the eyes of a creature.

You'll now need to locate some silvertails, and you can find a whole bunch of them right after the bridge in Nascence and it so happens there is a statue from the garden that leads there called Nascence Frontier Bridge.

  Once you set your sights on a silvertail, make sure its one that hasnt been previously blessed from another agent of Aban, or cursed by the foulsmelling Thrak-hangers on.

Rightclick the silvertail to open up the quest-window and opt to cover the silvertails eyes with the charged device. Give the silvertail the device and you will bless it with the essence of Aban.

The Pattern Analyzer will reappear in your inventory as the spirit it spent, and you're one thirds done. Find yourself another two Silvertails and you'll have this part of the quest done in notime!

Once you've blessed three Silvertails, its time to head back to our good pal Sipius Aban Lux-Wei again to report back in. Once you've received some kind words from Lux-Wei, he'll give you the Key to the Garden of Aban as a token of gratitude.

  Key to the Garden of Aban
This is the key to the garden of Aban. To use the key you need to pick it up and click on the Aban statue.

So what does it do? For starters, it works like a permanent Aban Insignia, in that you don't have to keep using the insignias on the statues to get to a garden. Having the Key of Aban in your inventory or on you, and using it to click on the statue, you will be transported to the Aban Garden. Secondly, once you receive more of these permanent keys, you can use them on a special statue inside the garden that will instantly transport you to other gardens in the shadowlands - ie, if you have the Key to the Garden of Ocra, you can enter the Garden of Aban, locate the transport statue, and be teleported directly to the Garden of Ocra. In addition to all this, the permanent keys can also be used on select statues on Rubi-Ka itself, transporting you directly from Rubi-Ka to the garden of choice you have the key to.

And last but not least, since machines like the flying Yalmaha's and other means of transportation has no use in the Shadowlands, the permanent Key can also be worn in the slot you usually keep the vehicles (Hud1). The Aban Key will then give you a bonus of +2 to Treatment and Firstaid, very coveted skills to have handy.

Last updated 10. December 2003

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