Quest: Key to the Garden of Shere
  Braving your steps into the shadowlands, one aches for a place to unwind and recuperate after the raging battles. This is where gardens come in - erected to honor each side of the conflict's heroes, these lush and tranquil garden monuments will aide you in your suffering.      
The second phase into the shadowlands will take you to the lush and evergreen Elysium. As always, getting the key to the garden of your chosen side for any zone is a good thing - it will help you travel much easier as well as learn a bit about the layout of the land. This particular key quest is for the Unredeemed (Omni-players) seeking to further improve their standings in the unredeemed hierarchy.

NOTE: To more quickly navigate the lands when doing the key quests, it's a good idea to stock up on a few insignias of the zone's garden first. Since you can enter the gardens without a key, but expending an insignia, you can seriously cut down on the travel necessary if you make use of the teleport statues found inside the garden. For this quest, you would need the Insignia of Shere.

Now, lets get our hands dirty in the raging conflict. As with the previous Garden in Nascence, The Garden of Thrak, we need to locate someone with a higher standing and see if we can help. In the case of Shere, this minion is the Prophet Nar Shere. Nar Shere controls the unredeemed fortification known as Nero, and can be found looming on top of the grand staircase leading into the fortress itself.

NOTE: Getting to Nero is easiest through the garden. Simply use an insignia on a statue and enter. You are looking for a statue in the garden called Passage to Nero (north) - use it and you should be exited very close to where we need to go. The exact coords for Nar Shere is 920x400, Nero.

Once found, strike up a conversation and see if you are worthy a little task. It pays to be humble with these fellas, knowing your position in the grand scheme for now. It seems Nar Shere won't have anything to do with you, that is, before you prove your worth. He will then give you a quest to seek out several minions of the unredeemed and get their approval for whatever awaits, one by one. You will also receive a Sealed Letter, which you have to show to all the minions while getting their approval.

The list is long, but they all got to sign it before you receive the second part of this grand quest. Luckily the first few are found around the Nero fortress.

First out of the 3 minions around Nero is Follower Man-Wox Shere, Nar Shere's right-hand man, and standing right to his ...You guessed it, right. Just talk to him and present your case and you will be asked for the letter. Man-Wox will sign it and hand it back to you. Next is Visionist Jorr-Dom Shere, a similar looking bloke, located just down the staircase from Nar Shere. Hand him the letter for signing too and he will.

The third is Hypnagogic Xum-Ixi Shere, still of the same race as the other two up here. He can be a bit tricky to spot as he is standing on top of a pillar, just a few meters to the left-hand side of Nar Shere (opposite Man-Wox). He is a bit more nonbearing with whelps, so don't try to pull anything funny with him as he will cut you off rather abrupt. Be very humble when answering his questions and he should eventually sign the letter for you. If he does cut you off, or you get his answers wrong, you can always try talking to him again. All these 3 minions have the same appearance and shouldn't be any trouble finding, just tab around 'til you spot their names.

When these sign your letter your quest will update in each instance, letting you know who you need to talk to next, so keep an eye on that to be sure you get them all correctly. The next 2 minions on our list are located at another unredeemed fortress in Elysium, called Stormshelter.

NOTE: Stormshelter is most easily reached by way of the garden again. Find the garden statue you came out of to Nero if you went that way, and use an insignia to get back in. The exit statue you are looking for now is called Passage to Stormshelter, northeast in the garden.

The Stormshelter Fortress is located in Southeast Elysium and is marked on the shadowlands worldmap. Make your way up to the fortress - on your left is a tower where you'll find the next two followers we need. The first is Follower Yutt-Ixi Shere and then Visionist Dom-Xum Shere. They are standing very close to each other on top of the tower, more closely around 700x550, Stormshelter.

5 down, 2 to go. From Stormshelter we need to get our butts all the way up to a place called Remnans where there is a small unredeemed settlement. If aren't using the garden teleporters by now, this is the time to start or you'll be in for a long run. Remnans is located far to the north of Stormshelter, in upper Elysium, and can be a bit tricky to find.

NOTE: Enter the garden from the Stormshelter statue using another insignia and find the teleporter statue named Passage to Remnans - you should be exited right next to the minion we need to find.

In Remnans, the follower we need is Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere, at around 1600x720, area of Remnans. Once you also have Jorr-Fes' name on the list, it's time to find the last elusive minion, one Ardent Pi Shere. Ardent Pi is a bit further off than most statues, so you will have to leg it the extra distance.

NOTE: A close exit from the garden is Passage to Sabre's Cradle. Use an insignia to re-enter the garden and exit through this teleporter statue. From this exit, head east into The Black Peaks, then north to Grimwood Glade.

Ardent Pi Shere is located in Grimwood Glade, near a highly visible crossroads (on the worldmap). Look for him between Sabre's Cradle and The Fallen Forest, around 930x1480, area of Grimwood Glade. Tell Ardent Pi about the letter and have him sign it. Once complete, you have done the first part of this rather large quest, and the mission will tell you to report back to Prophet Nar Shere at the fortress in Nero. You aren't far from Nero now, and looking at the worldmap should get you there rather quickly.

Nar Shere will now let you talk to a minion higher up - Garboil Chi Shere, of the unredemeed garden. Use an insignia to enter the garden (gotten from Nar Shere on the completion of the Sealed Letter part) and locate the Garboil. He can be found at 445x520, Garden of Shere.

From Garboil Chi Shere, we get our next part of the quest, which will eventually lead us to the reward we are after. It seems the Garboil suspects the Redeemed are planning an attack, and your task will be to scout out several of their leaders. Garboil will hand you a Tracking Device for this purpose, but you do not have to use it as such - just leave it in your inventory and it will register when you target the mobs in question. This second part is quite similar to the first part, in where we have to travel all around Elysium. There are 9 redeemed leaders to be tagged, so let's get to it.

From the garden, use the teleporter statue marked Passage to The Jagged Coast - this will exit you close to the first redeemed village we need to spy on.

The village is called Ripwell and you can see it on your worldmap just a little west of where we exited. Note that redeemed mobs will attack you if you show any aggression if you con as green or higher to them, so be careful. The first three leaders we need to locate can be found in a hall of sorts, just inside the village, 540x1760 Ripwell.

In turn, target Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar, then Sipius Enel Lux-Mara, and last Watcher Enel Ilad-Ulma. Just keep them targeted until your mission tab records the information and updates. Since we are now moving around redeemed territory, travel will be longer as there is seldom any exits right were we need to go. You can still cut down traveltime by using the garden however, if you still have insignias to spend. The next redeemed village we need to spy on is Barter in South Elysium, all the way to the west side.

NOTE: Shortest way to Barter would be to return to the Jagged Coast exit, enter the garden again and then exit through Passage to Spade. Barter can be found a bit to the north here.

In Barter, the four leaders we are looking for can be found around 900x1200, Barter. Look around and find Watcher Enel Hume-Yeol, then Sipius Enel Gil-Gil, then Diviner Enel Thar-Thar, and last Devoted Enel Cama-Lux. That's seven down and two more to go. Next area is the main redeemed castle of Utopolis - on your worldmap, in the center of Elysium. To get there quickly now, you are probably best of running. Consult the map and make your way Northeast towards the Utopolis entry - the castle itself is located just a bit north of that.

First locate Watcher Enel Mara-Cama on the bridge leading into the castle itself, around 790x910, Chronos Canyon. The last redeemed leader can be found in a settlement behind the castle itself - you have to go further north a bit and find a way behind the bridge to a grassy clearing. Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad can be found at 820x820, Utopolis. That's it, we have them all. Check your missions tab and you should see the task has changed, now showing the reward and telling you to return to Garboil Chi Shere with the tracking device.

Talk to the Garboil in the garden again for a final mission complete, and you will be the proud owner of the permanent Key to the Garden of Shere! (as well as a tiny credit and XP amount) That wasn't hard, now was it?

  Key to the Garden of Shere
This is the key to the garden of Shere. To use the key you need to pick it up and click on the Shere statue.

Besides now giving you instant free access to the garden of Shere, and from garden to garden, the Shere Key will also give you a bonus of +4 to Treatment and First Aid when worn in the HUD1 slot.

Last updated 20. January 2004

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