Quest: The Key to Shere's Sanctuary
  Braving your steps into the shadowlands, one aches for a place to unwind and recouperate after the raging battles. This is where gardens come in - Take a brake, or ride the garden tchu tchu train for easy transport around the Shadowlands.      
For each type of play field there are four "gardens", two for each side, and often a tribute to a particular grand hero of that side. The gardens themselves comes in two varieties, the regular Gardens you will come across first, and later Sanctuaries. Think of it as a step up on the career ladder.

All in all the the gardens are pretty identical, bar a few different goods and nanoprograms from the vendors. The only real difference and why you should give the sanctuary part of a garden a try, is the actual key you receive as a reward. Where the normal garden keys have only a first aid/treatment bonus, the sanctuary keys also adds NCU and Initiatives.

This guide deals with the Sanctuary of Shere, an upgraded reststop compared to the Garden of Shere (Omni). Although it's quite possible for the opposing side to visit each others gardens and stir up trouble, doing the actual quests from the minions of the opposing side is not recommended. Most often these tasks and quests from one side requires you to have a certain standing with them (Faction - see here) and should you wish to serve one, it will mean betraying the other.

NOTE: This quest requires that you already have completed the Garden of Shere quest, and have that key. You will be traveling around a lot still, but do not need any insignias or any other preparation in advance. Just have your key ready and use the Shere Garden for easy travel back and forth between the places you need to go.

Again, the Sanctuary quest requires that you have already completed the Garden quest, and have the Key to the Garden of Shere in your possession. The key is the... key to starting this quest. Head back to Nero (Garden Exit, Shere Garden) and find your old friend Prophet Nar Shere.

Conversing with him - you now have the option of showing him your Key, and thus begin the second part of the operation you began earlier in the garden quest. Give him your key and he'll start rolling out the master plan (giving you the key back first of course). It seems all the pesky Redeemed leaders you were tasked with locating earlier for the second part of the first quest, is up to no good as usual, and as the hero it's up to you to get your hands dirty. Tagged and bagged, now it's time to kill them off.

If you remember, you came across 9 distinct Redeemed leaders earlier, and they are the same we are looking for now, in the same order. The first spot is Ripwell, a redeemed village you should see on your worldmap. Quickest way here would be the exit to Remnans, or The Outer Isles. At the village, the three leaders up for a little hit-action are Watcher Enel Ulma-Thar, then Sipius Enel Lux-Mara, and last Watcher Enel Ilad-Ulma. All three can be found just inside the village, 540x1760 Ripwell.

Next up is Barter again, the redeemed village to the south-west in Elysium. Closest garden exit here would be Spade, then leg it north. In Barter, the four leaders we are looking for can be found around 900x1200. Look around and find Watcher Enel Hume-Yeol, then Sipius Enel Gil-Gil, then Diviner Enel Thar-Thar, and last Devoted Enel Cama-Lux. Once all are dead, we're ready for the last bit.

NOTE: These leaders aren't easy to kill just for everyone. Be wary of aggro from all the groupies and generally causing havoc when you assault them full frontal. Around level 50ish, this can be near impossible to accomplish alone. It's quite possible to bring a higher level friend for this, and even if your level range is too high to gain any xp, either from the kills or the quest parts, you will still register the kills for the quest - if you are teamed with the one doing the killing that is.

Two more to go, both found around the redeemed citadel of Utopolis. Getting here is easiest done through the Shunpike exit from the garden. Make your way across the fields to the citadel and locate Watcher Enel Mara-Cama walking up and down the bridge leading into the interior of Utopolis.

NOTE: Others might be after the same mobs you are, for different purposes. If you cannot find the targets where they are supposed to be, wait around a bit and they'll show up. These leaders also have a sort of grace period for a few minutes after they spawn, in which time they cannot be killed. Wait until you see a vicinity message saying something like "...looks around nervously", an emote by the target, which indicates they are now open for attack.

With Enel Mara-Cama down, there is just one more hit to go. Devoted Enel Thar-Ilad can be found at 820x820, Utopolis, just behind the entrance a bit on a grassy knoll. When killing him, be sure to grab the Briefing off his cold dead body before moving on.

A thorough tactical briefing outlining how, when and where to deploy Unredeemed forces should an invasion of "hostile" areas in Elysium be successful.

All done, head back to Prophet Nar Shere and tell him about your bloodwork. You will also get the opportunity to tell him about the briefing you found, one he will take from you and explain the sinister plot you just ruined. Returning the briefing will land you the coveted Sanctuary Key and finnish this mission.

  The Key to Shere's Sanctuary
This is the key to Shere's Sanctuary. To use the key you need to pick it up and click on Shere's Sanctuary Statue.

And this is where the keys as a utility really starts to shine. Where the regular key requires you to be level 75, and gives a slight +4 bonus to Treatment and First Aid, the Sanctuary Key requires only level 25, and in addition to the +4 Treatment and First Aid, also boost all four initiatives by 15, and gives you an extra +10 NCU. From here on, it only gets better.

Last updated 12. July 2004

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