Quest: Tirbo Rat-Catcher
  Another low-level quest from the 14.5 patch, Tirbo Ratcatcher outside Athens is more than happy to give you an endless supply of cash and xp for all those Roller-Rat tails you keep lugging around.      
  Just outside the gates of West Athens (the outside portion reached by Grid, where you find the The Cup) and a little to the north at roughly 325 x 360 , you'll encounter this strange rather laidback fella called Tirbo Ratcatcher.He seems a little agitated and has an aura of mischief around him. When approached and greeted, Tirbo immediately tells you about this grand task the Tir Council has bestowed upon him.

Seems he was charged with making the area more hygienic for the citizens of Tir, and that involves reducing the current roller-rat population. A task too large for Tirbo himself I guess, as he's basically just standing around asking people to help him.

The first thing that struck me about this odd encounter and the things Tirbo tells me is that everything might not be as it seems. First, Tirbo as mentioned seems to be a little mischievous, not to mention lazy.

Second he was charged with this task directly from the Tir Council. And third, he seems to have been asked to stand a long way from the area he's supposed to make "hygienic". What it all boils down to I think, is that Tirbo could be the son of a council man - useless for anything but parties and getting his father in a mess - but still promised a job. So they stuck him all the way out in Athens, with a seemingly pointless task to get him away from anywhere he could cause trouble. As long as he feels important, right?

Still, Tirbo is loaded with cash and resources - from his father most likely, and is only too happy to dole it out. No reason why we shouldn't benefit from that. After his initial speech about his important appointed task, Tirbo will ask you if you're interested in helping him out, so just say you're interested and he should upload the mission to your ncu.

  Bring Tirbo Ratcatcher an Undamaged Roller-rat tail
Cash: 250 credits - Exp: 250
Item: Armor

Now, the Rollerrat hunt is on! Rollerrats can be found basically anywhere, and you don't really have to kill any in the area Tirbo points out - any rollerrat will do, or any tail so to speak. The easiest way for this would probably be to visit a backyard training area. Tails drop quite often, and you shouldn't have any problem gathering a whole bag of them rather quickly.

  Undamaged Roller-Rat tail
The tail of a roller-rat

Return to Tirbo and trade him the tail and you should get mission complete.

Now to the actual rewards. Tirbo gives out armor pieces of a quality level that matches your level at the time you received the quest. Since you can virtually get and complete this mission for every tail you find, you can pretty easily get a whole set of armor together if you really put your mind to it.

  The mission itself has a level limit, what exactly we don't know - it looks like the quest requires you to be both rather new to the world of Rubi-Ka (IE, below level 16) and not have too much credits or equipment.

Also it would seem this mission is solely for clan or neutral aligned characters, as a low level Omni would simply have too much trouble reaching Tirbo through the hostile terrain or via the grid through the hostile rebels in Athens.

And even so, when Omni characters get to a point where they safely can, the rewards Tirbo dishes out are rather useless. It does however look like Tirbo will respond to Omni characters, as he only turned us down based on level.

Some thoughts around the mission as close-up. We started up a clan character and leveled quickly to level 3 in the backyard. In that time, we had about 10 rat-tails. Leaving the backyard, we found ourselves right at the gates in Athens, and it was just a few seconds stride to meet up with Tirbo.

Completing this quest 10 times gave another level, a full suit of metaplast, and plenty of armor pieces that we sold back to the store. From there it was just a quick stroll to Tir to complete the other low-level quests for more cash, xp, and unique items - and by level 5 we were incredibly jacked up with AC, stat enhancing gear (from Bobic and Nodda), some 25.000 credits to our name, and ready for action.

Quite the good start for such a low-level character with an absolute minimal effort - something surpassing anything a low-level omni character could do. But then again, we might see low-level quests on the Omni-side soon?

Last updated 24.January 2003

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