Quest: The Supply Masters Tower Weapons
  Have you ever wondered what kind of weaponry resides in the Notum Drilling Towers scattered across Rubi-Ka nowadays? We took the liberty of finding out, thanks to our good friends Smug and Eel. If its tradeskill towers and big weapons you want - look no further.      
  With the release of Notum Wars many a player has discovered the joys of Towers and the fine art of blowing them to bits while noone is looking. But there are things in Notum Wars that are not single mindedly directed to the Notum Wars playerbase, although agreeably the quest we are about to set out to do is indeed related to Towers.

  This is Smug. And Eel. Both Smug and Eel are supply masters, and look pretty much the same. In their cases, that means they hoard supplies and lets noone come near them. They are also the keyfigures in three different newfangled quests released with Notum Wars, one of which is the Upgraded Tower Weapons quest.

Before you start - the quest involves a lot of heavy-duty killing, so unless you are up for that kind of action we recommend that you take up another hobby than slaughter. How about knitting? We have a smashing Atrox weaver in Omni trade that will.. oh... So slaughter it is then.

The first thing you will have to do is to talk to the persons that will give you the quest, which is the first obstacle to overcome, since they might actually not be spawned. However, this is easily remedied.

Omni players might be familiar with the Main OT Base and Secondary OT Base in Avalon. If you aren't, we strongly recommend that you visit them, if nothing else but for the huge glass domes surrounding them. If you grid to Camelot and head southwards, you will find the Main OT Base at 1800 x 1200, Avalon. The Secondary OT Base is slightly west-northwestish of the Main base at 900 x 1600.

The Clan outpost that Supply Master Smug resides in is located at the very northeast corner of Wailing Wastes, at 2700 x 3500 and is quite the sight as well. The easiest way to get to Wailing Wastes is simply just to whompa from Athens and you wont be more than a short walk or flight away from the base.

To get the quest started, you will need to find two persons having some trouble with the supplies. The people you will need to talk to if you are Omni are General Hardbuckle and General Freewheeler both located in the OT Main Base (whereas Supply Master Eel is located in the Secondary Base). If you are clan, you will want to look up High Commander Fielding and High Commander Hoover (thankfully enough in the very same base as Supply Master Smug).

If they're not around, you shouldnt worry too much, you can still get them to spawn rather easily by talking to the other commanders around the base. Omni-Tek employees should speak with the Information Officers, and Clans should speak with the Coordinators. They will beep the commanders respectively and have them spawn inside the base for you, eager to send you out on the mission.

By talking to these persons, you will find out that they are having some trouble with the stock, and would like your help to restock it. If you help them out, they will be only too happy to supply you with the new and upgraded Tower weapons they have been researching. Doing so, you will get the missions. As an example here we are using the Omni-Tek part of the quest descriptions.

  Take a dimension crushing storage device filled with BBI Minami-90 Sticky Love Rains
to Supply Master Eel
Cash: 8000 - Exp: 485893
  Take a dimension crushing storage device filled with Fine-Tuned Westinghouse IM-50 Plasma Burners to Supply Master Eel.
Cash: 8000 - Exp: 485893

Important to know is that you can only have one of these quests running at a time, since the Dimension Crushing Storage device is a Unique object, so getting the secondary quest at the same time will be very ill-advised. We recommend that you do the quests separately instead of getting both at once.

The easiest way to obtain the Sticky Love Rains and Westinghouses is to kill the Defense Patrollers, Defense Guards, Scouts and so on inside the respective bases (or indeed, if you are feeling up for it, you can travel a little bit to the west side of Avalon, where Omni-Tek has set up a nice little encampment at 400 x 2300) - they will more often than not drop either the Minami-90's or the Westinghouse weapons.

The level range on the mobs varies from level 150 to level 200, so you might want to exercise some caution if you aren't a full team or if you doubt your soloing abilities.

Something you might want to take into account is that there is a third type of weaponry they will drop from time to time - the M150 N.A. Booster Edition, which is part of a third quest which we highly suspect hasnt made it in-game yet. If you have any information about this quest, we would love to hear about it.

If you decide to go into the bases on your little rampage, you ought to know that it can be quite dangerous, as you will get a lot of adds on your tail, and while two or three adds might not be much inside a mission, its a different story alltogether when they go get their commanders, line up in formating and alarm the rest of the base. So don't be too surprised if the last thing you see is the end of High Commander Fredericksons gun and a little voice in your head going "eep" before he sends you packing to the nearest reclaim-terminal.

The guards will also drop some other nice loot which might be worth keeping. Most notably you will want to hang on to any Cloud of Infuriated Nanobots, Cloud of Polychromic Nanobots and Revolving Cold Lasers you can find. The Nanobots are used in making tradeskill-only towers and the Revolving Cold Laser is quite a nifty handgun for soldiers and traders and also happens to be the lowest of four weapons you will want to obtain if you are looking to get your hands on some really nifty towers.

  Revolving Cold Laser
The principle of the 'revolving cold' laser technology is hard to explain. The effect is
that the beam doesn't do direct damage, but draws the heat out of the body of the

That aside, when you have obtained your Minami-90 Sticky Love Rains or Westinghouses, all you need to do is to put them inside the Dimension Crushing Storage Device (DSCD) and return with it to the Supply Masters.

The Supply Masters are rather shifty fellows though. To complete the quest 100% satisfactory you will need to get a receipt from them that you actually have delivered the item to them, so don't forget to prod them for that if they should "forget" it. For being supply masters, they sure don't like supplying people with what they want...

This is a receipt for delivering a full crate of Fine-Tuned Westinghouse IM-50 Plasma Burners to Supply Master Eel

Next you will have to return the receipt to the commander who gave you the mission, who will in return give you instructions to go back to the Supply Master one final time to obtain your upgraded Tower weapon. After some whining about letting go of such expensive machinery, the Supply Master will finally let you have the weapon.

Depending on which of the quests you did, you will now possess either an Augias X-11 Ejector or a Sentient Corrosion Sprayer. Fine bits of machinery the both of them, although the requirements for wielding them are perhaps a bit steep. On the other hand, they are meant to be mounted on towers and not be waved around.

  Augias X-11 Ejector
The Augias features a 'MCP' (Miniature Chemical Processor), where the flamethrower chemicals are transformed into X-11 poison. It also enables an impressive ammo capacity - and it produces less waste than a flamethrower.
  Sentient Corrosion Sprayer
Nanobots lead the acidic liquid to the areas of the body, armor and equipment where it does the most damage.

For the sake of doing it we are going to list the stats on the weapons for those not being daunted by the requirements and wanting to wield them.

  Augias X-11 Ejector Sentient Corrosion Sprayer Revolving Cold Lasers  
  Attack time 2.5 s
Recharge time 3.5 s
Range 30m
Damage 40-440 (240)
Poison AC
Attack time 2.0 s
Recharge time 3.0 s
Range 18 m
Damage 100-300 (250)
Chemical AC
Attack time 2.22 s
Recharge time 2.22 s
Range 22m
Damage 44-444 (444)
Cold AC
MG/SMG 1401
Burst 1051
Pistol 1382
Burst 1037
Ranged Energy Weapons 1112
Flingshot 557
Multiranged 666

Final word
The weapons are clearly directed towards tower use. I'm not even sure that its possible to wield the weapons with their current stats, even though the Augias might be something a fixer or trader might get on with tons of wrangles and items and buffs. The Revolving cold laser is by far the easiest one to get on, and it does pack some punch, however, you will not want to wield it in any PvP-situations since it has far too few specials to be of any real use there. As for their use on the tradeskill-only towers, yes, naturally they serve a good function there, and they do quite a lot of damage as well, so if you have Notum Wars and want a good tower defending your base, these are definitely worth looking into.

Last updated 27.April 2003

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