Trade & Economy: Zoftig Blimp
  It's not often we see new graphical features in Anarchy Online, but the few that does arrive are often nice looking and in high demand. From the 14.75 patch, some new sunglasses appear, something people have screamed about for a long time now, and in addition, a brand new line of hats. Oh my, Rubi-Ka will never be the same again.      
  A new trader with quite the personality, one Mr. Zoftig Blimp, currently resides in the northern little town of Hope. Why anyone would set up shop at the edge of the world is beyond me, but considering the wares he peddles are in high demand, it has to be said that traffic through Mort has trippled the last day.

  Mr. Blimp, besides being a colorful chap, is quite talkative too if you want to get into the finer points of right or wrong. However, that is hardly what we are here for at the moment - rather look for a chat with this chap later, and let's get down to business.

Right-clicking or simply talking to Blimp will get him going right away, and in the new chat-interface, you will now see a 'shopping cart' icon whenever a NPC has something to sell. Clicking this will open a trade window like you would any store, and from here on it's all about spending your hard earned cash. Blimp say he doesn't believe in money, but boy he sure knows to charge for his gadgets.

The things he currently offer at hugely inflated prices - supply and demand I guess - are first two distinct items of headwear. Namely new sunglasses, and hats. Now, rumor has it these new fashionable sunglasses are named after a famous netfeed, but since we don't deal in rumors we'll refrain from mentioning any names.

        From left to right:
Amber Arcanum Specs
- Adds 1 to Sense
Ruby Arcanum Specs - Adds 1 to Psychic
Sapphire Arcanum Specs - Adds 1 to Intelligence

These sunglasses all require you to be atleast be level 20 before putting on, and add +1 to the three skills mentioned above. They are also quite expensive, around half a million credits depending on how your barter skills are with Blimp. Aside from the stats, these sunglasses are also somewhat transparen't - something not seen before on clothing in AO - so you can actually see through them now. Technology in the 30th century never seem to amaze me. Being designer glasses as they are however, they might not rest very good on everyone's noses. So far, the Solitus race seems to have most trouble with these.

Finally the ciché and intellectual can have their looks! Next off, Mr. Blimp have something entirely new on Rubi-Ka - a few pieces of headgear that isn't three sizes too small and looks like it had to be welded on!

        From left to right:
Original Mentor's Straw Hat
- Adds 5 to Dimach
Rhysen's Carrier Cap - Adds 20 to Runspeed & Swim
Salesman's Hat - Adds 5 to Computer Literacy

The hats are a bit easier on the price, but still cost around 300-500k depending on your relations, but then again, what is money when you can look like the young grasshopper? (I'm sure Blimp agrees wholeheartedly)

In addition, Blimp seems to be considering moving into the pharmaceuticals industry, but haven't quite made up his mind yet. For now though, he's trying out a line of sun tan lotion on his customers to see if the interest builds up. A little cheaper to buy, and comes in stacks of 10, this handy lotion should in theory give you a nice dark tan, but so far it doesn't appear to do anything but give a short boost to your Agility in the form of 1 point. Should it be recalled from the market and made to work, we will naturally be back with an update on this otherwise spiffy sounding product as I'm sure all the bald and beautiful nanomages out there is dying to get some love for those 'blank' spots.

  Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion
Modern breeds are not normally able to get a sun tan - because of their extended
immune system, but the Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion weakens the shielding against ultraviolet light only, to gradually allow a handsome sun tan.

And there you have it. There's also rumors about more hats in the pipeline, and our chief tinker is already modifying some of these, but that is for a later look at these new items later.

The sunglasses looks damn nice on those models they fit, like for the previously sunglass-deprieved opifexes, and really adds some to the diversity all around (here's to hoping the solitus skewering gets fixed too). The hats might seem a bit silly to some, but for most it's a funny addition along the lines of more is good! Overall a good job and very nice new trinkets, with the promise of more to come.

Last updated 12. December 2002

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