Weapons & Smithing: Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon
  Are you a soldier tired of running around with the same old boring gun for another 20 levels - want that flare and fashion and uniqueness about yourself? Then perhaps you should be thinking about getting yourself an augmented Hellspinner Cannon. Shiver me timbers, it looks hot!      
  The latest additions to the weapons possible to augment are the nodrop weaponry of the cyborgs in the Cyborg encampment, and while the regular Hellspinners and Hellfurys might not be much to look at, their big brothers most certainly are. So if you're a soldier, you might want to look into how to spice them up quite a bit...

First of all - you will need to visit this place - some of you will probably recognize it as the Cyborg Barracks in Greater Tir County. If you don't - shame on you, where have you been? Its located at 3200 x 2300 and is fairly low-level. In order for you to get in here and blast away somewhat freely, you will need to be level 150 or higher, or have a team. The borgs might not be the best damagedealers in the game, but there are tons of them, so be careful not to get too many trigger-happy 'borgs on you - you might just get your butt assimilated. And we wouldn't want that, now would we. The mob you need to hit is Commander Jocasta's bodyguard, the Augmented Cyborg Hellfury, which drops the Hellspinner Cannon.

  Hellspinner Shock Cannon
This unique design from the cyborg Techleader Praetor is an anti-armor device.

Worth noting is that the gun is NODROP, which means that if anyone else than a soldier intends to use these, they will be very disappointed indeed. Now, here comes the tricky part. Obtaining the Hellfury or the Hellspinner isn't too much of a trouble if you have a good team or if you are high enough, but the next part requires you to have a good team, and it will still be really hard to get the item you want, since you will have to fight three level 220+ mobs in Eastern Foul Plains.

  Allow us to present you to the Obediency Inspector. The Obediency Inspector's program consists of a neverending loop, written in an archaic programming language, which is this:

 10 If target=clan then kill
 80 Goto 10

In short, it's an omni mob with two guards - Order Automators - all three at the same level. You can find this robot in Eastern Foul Plains at 1250 x 2750. He's a very nasty customer and will take a very well-coordinated group indeed to bring down. We highly recommend that you use two or possibly more groups, to divide damage through, as this guy is really packing a lot of firepower. Engineers - start crying that your Warmachines aren't like this...

The simplest strategy to bring down the Obediency Inspector is to calm the Order Autmators (it can be done, but its hard) and pull the Inspector out in the open, and sic as many pets as you can on him. Going up against the Inspector with two teams of pets and calms will nail him down pretty much every time. There are other strategies as well, requiring multiple doctors who will cast heals all the time, but pet-teams do seem to work better in general. Bringing down the Obediency Inspector will make him drop the Fluctuating Anti-Matter Generator which you will need for the upgrade of the Hellspinner Shock Cannon.

  Fluctuating Anti-Matter Generator
A small, contained anti-matter reaction powers this generator.
It hums faintly as it operates and seems to be safe.

The procedure for the combination in itself is very simple. Just combine the Fluctuating Anti-Matter Generator with the Hellspinner Shock Cannon and you will obtain the new and improved Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon, which really is a work of art. The procedure takes no skill in any tradeskills, as it's only a slap-on, easy enough for any atrox out there to figure out.

  + =   Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon
The original Hellspinner power generator has been replaced with a more powerful Fluctuating Anti-Matter generator.

If you still feel uncertain about how well this weapon performs, we can testify to it's worth in the heat of battle. In fact - our test-subject reports that he very rarely hits for below 600 nowadays, and we can't seem to get the gun back from him as he was clutching it harder than Nodda Gregg clutches a Bronto Burger.

  Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon Hellspinner Shock Cannon  
  Attack time 1.5 s
Recharge time 2.5 s
Range 25 m
Clip 20
Damage 157-396 (100)
Radiation AC
Attack time 1.5 s
Recharge time 2.5 s
Range 25 m
Clip 15
Damage 51-205 (100)
Radiation AC
Assault Rifle 998
Full Auto 511
Burst 494
Level 175
Profession Soldier
Assault Rifle 440
Full Auto 368
Burst 329
Level 71

The Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon also adds a small amount of Fire AC and Radiation AC, just like its baby brother. For all you soldiers out there, we can highly recommend this gun.

Not only will you look dead sexy with it, but you will really notice your damage output, especially when those 10 000 Fullautos and 3000 Bursts hit! So get out there and get that Inspector gadget!

Last updated 18.October 2002

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