Weapons & Smithing: Chemical Mausser Streamer
  The Mausser Chemical Streamer was certainly the talk of Fixer-town when it first arrived. Have you ever wanted to own one, or wanted to know how it is built? Come with us then, down this dark alley, and we'll give you an offer you can't resist...      
  Among the most popular arsenal a Fixer sports is the Chemical Mausser Streamer. Its easy enough to build, it sports a very nice damage, and it has a larger damage-potential than its little brother, the original Mausser Streamer.

To build yourself a Mausser Chemical Streamer you will need to obtain a regular Mausser Particle Streamer to begin with. These can be storebought up to QL125, and missioned for at higher levels.

  Mausser Particle Streamer
The MPS holds twin chambers of Sub-Space Invigorators,
enabling a particularly nasty firing rate.

You will also need a Composite Barrel and a Compression Chamber for Chemicals, obtainable from the Ranged Weapons Components booth. You will need a Sheet of Curved Carbonum Plating from your local Armor and Clothing Components or Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components booth. All these parts should be within 5% in QL of the original Mausser in order to make all the steps.

You will also need a Hacker Tool for the first step in the process. You can get one from the Tools or Devices booth. Now - to the business at hand. You need to hack your Mausser Particle Streamer by using the Hacker Tool on it. The Hacker Tool must be at least 0.8 times the QL of the Mausser Particle Streamer. This will break the weapon into little bits, saving only the Mausser Particle Streamer Base. This takes 4.1 times the QL of the Mausser in Break & Entry skills.

  + =   Mausser Particle Streamer Base
This is the base of the Mausser Particle Streamer.

Combine the Mausser Particle Streamer Base with the Compression Chamber for Chemicals to complete the first step of the process, giving you a Mausser Chemical Streamer - Step 1. This step requires you to have 4.2 times the QL of the Mausser Streamer Base in your Weapon Smithing knowledge.

  + =   Mausser Chemical Streamer - Step 1

For the second part, combine the Mausser Chemical Streamer - Step 1 with the Composite Barrel, and you will have completed the second step in the process. As the previous step, this requires 4.2 times the QL of the Mausser Streamer Base in your Weapon Smithing skills. Only one more step to go until that fixer lets loose a scream of joy.

  + =   Mausser Chemical Streamer - Step 2

Finally, take the Sheet of Curved Carbonum Plating and wrap it around the Mausser Chemical Streamer - Step 2 using your Mechanical Engineering and Weaponsmithing skills. Hey presto! A fully functional Mausser Chemical Streamer, ready to deliver some payload into that particularly nasty mob that's been saying things about your mom. The requirements add up to a total of 4 times the QL of the Mausser Streamer Base in Mechanical Engineering and 4.05 times the QL in Weaponsmithing skill.

  + =   Mausser Chemical Streamer

By comparing a Chemical Mausser to your standard issue one, you can see that while requirements and attack-time are increased, so are your damage-stats, not to mention the obvious fact that it now uses Chemical damage instead of Projectile, which is a nice little twist, both in PvM and in PvP. Also, the Recharge time on the MCS is severely lower than that of the MPS and the burst recycle seems a lot faster. All in all this is indeed an interesting weapon, especially for fixers naturally even if the trend today is using Manex.

  Mausser Particle Streamer Mausser Chemical Streamer  
  Attack time 1 s
Recharge time 3 s
Range 30 m
Clip 37
Damage 7-342 (250)
Projectile AC

SMG 814
Burst 611
Attack time 3 s
Recharge time 1 s
Range 16 m
Clip 50
Damage 1-400 (350)
Chemical AC

SMG 861
Burst 646

Final word

As you might or might not be aware of - there is a way you can build your very own Mausser Particle Streamer using the SMG Construction Kits from the Ranged Weapons Contruction Kits booth. This is really a great way to go about things. It will take a while in order to get all the parts and so on but in truth, this is the only weapon currently in the game that can be scratchbuilt like this. Enjoy your new Chemical Mausser!

Last updated 18.February 2003

Genfire, Rimor

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