Weapons & Smithing: Eye-Mutant Orb Laser
  Eyemutants are good for a lot of things, one of our favourites being 'cannon fodder'. However, the Eyemutants does have some rather nifty things in their arsenal, and the eyelaser is one of the more rare items you can get hold of if you are an engineer.      
  This should look rather familiar by now. Any Eyemutant has a changce of dropping an undamaged eye when they keel over. The trick is just killing enough of them to obtain it. It can get pretty gruesome to watch the onslaughts of eye-mutants after a while but the reward will come sooner or later. More often later.

One of the best places to hunt Eyemutants, unless you are planning on getting a really really low Eye-laser made, is the Eyecamp just a stones throw away from the 20k Outpost in Pleasant Meadows. An excellent location to hunt Level 70-80 eyemutants is around the Terraforming Plant in Avalon.

Eyes in this camp might be camped though, since it is a popular place to both level, do missions to and generally hang out and kill them. You can always go roaming off hunting for Eyes as well but we cant really recommend it.

Also worth noting is that the weapon is engineer-only.

After a while you might get lucky and end up with this icky-looking thing in your inventory. Its not nodrop so you don't have to worry about anything like that which is just as good since its going to take some skill remaking this into something useful.

  Eyemutant Eye
This is an intact Eyemutant Eye. It is an ugly blend of biology and technology. It contains the laser weapon that the Eyemutant uses - hidden under layers of skin and flesh.

Now we need to hit the shops as always unless you've come prepared already. We need to pick up a Drum of Hydrochloric Acid and a Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose tool. We call it the QFT-Tool, or the Tool-which-noone-dares-pronounce. You can find the Acid in the Pharmaceutical Components booth and the QFT-Tool in the Mechanical and Electrical Bases booth. You will need both to be at least 0.6 times the QL of the Eye for the procedure to work. We happened on a QL60 eye, so we got ourselves a QL50 acid-drum and QFT-tool just to be safe.

  Drum of Hydrochloric Acid
A drum of hydrochloric acid. Do not drink.

  Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool
Field Quantum Physics is engineering at its highest level. 150 years ago, doing
practical work with this skill in the field would require a vast amount of tools and
helpers, but not so anymore. The Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose tool is one of
the greatest achievements of the last century.

The first thing we need to do is get rid of all the yucky goop surrounding the eye. This is where we open the Hydrochloric acid and pour it over the Eye and thus melt away all the icky stuff. Please be advised that its not wise to actually hold the eye in your hand as the acid is quite strong. Twicer still hasnt regenerated his nails.

  + =   Inactive Eyemutant Orb Laser
This is the Eyemutant's laser weapon - extracted from
inside the eyeball. With some fiddling and fumbling you
might be able to make it function again.

This step takes 4.5 times the QL of the eye in your Chemistry skill to achieve. We should now have a metallic ball in our hands ready for some fiddling around with like the description says, so here we go with our trusted QFT-tool, time to fiddle.

  + =   Eyemutant Orb Laser
This is a modified version of the Eyemutant Orb Laser weapon. It's a quite complicated design - and it can only be used effectively by people with a broad understanding of mechanics.

This step takes 4.5 times the QL of the Inactive orb in your Weaponsmithing skill and you will now have your finished Eyemutant Orb Laser, ready to wreak destruction and malice on your enemies! Well. It does sting a bit at least. Lets take a look at a QL200 version of it and put it up to test.

  QL200 Eyemutant Orb Laser      
  Attack time 2.5 s
Recharge time 2.0 s
Range 22m
Damage 90-270 (270)
Radiation AC
Pistol 1068
Fling Shot 535
Radiation AC 140
Duck Explosives 35
Dodge Ranged 35

Final word
The Eye-mutant laser is easy enough to create and is by no means a really bad weapon, however we feel that the higher up the QL of the orb goes, the better off you are wielding something else like possibly a Manex or one of many other popular weapons. Its left-hand only which means you cant dualwield it for more evades and the fact that it does increase dodge-ranged and duck-explosives is nice naturally, but it is really more of a novelty item than of any real use, save for the lower levels.

Last updated 02.May 2003

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