Weapons & Smithing: Immortal Katana
  Looking for your very own glow-in-the-dark toothpick? Wanting something a bit more unique than what others are walking around with? If so, we dare say that the Immortal Katana might very well be the item you are looking for. Read on!      
  Maybe you thought visiting the Cyborg Barracks was only to get hold of the Hellspinner Shock cannon in order to upgrade it? Well.. think again - the same powercells that drives the Hellspinner can also be found in the commanders blade, The Immortal Katana. And we're about to make it even better.

If you don't know the place - its called the Cyborg Barracks in Greater Tir County. Its location is at 3200 x 2300 and guarded by a rowdy bunch of level 70ish cyborgs, this place is a real treat if you are looking for nice stuff, but in this particular guide we are not concerning ourselves with any other mob than the commander - Commander Jocasta, who just happens to drop the katana you can see her wield. Bear in mind that it is not for certain she will drop this particular item - she might also drop an item called the Bonehammer, which is a nodrop weapon for 2HB users. The weapon we are after however - is the Faded Immortal Katana, which is not nodrop thankfully enough.

Important to know is that Commander Jocasta might in fact drop THREE different versions of this weapon. The Broken, the Faded and the regular Immortal Katana.

The Broken version cant be upgraded (hence the term broken) using this particular way of enhancing it. You are able to improve it with a Mass Relocation Robot: Improve Slashing Weapons, however.

With the Immortal Katana being the target of our wet dreams, this leaves only one of the three versions Jocasta drops to be upgraded - namely the Faded version.

  Faded Immortal Katana
This impressive katana is made from sturdy E-1187 micron-bots. These make the weapon capable of rebuilding itself when damaged - not as fast as nano-bots would,
but with less loss of bots. The blade is powered by a unique set of bio-powered,
reversive energy-packs - possibly a SSC product.

Taking Jocasta down might be a bit of a challenge unless you have a couple of high level friends to help you out - indeed - the cyborgs have massive amounts of hitpoints and can be quite disregarding of your personal space - in other words - look out for a lot of adds.

The next bit might take some time - not necessarily very hard though. You will have to obtain something called an SSC Reversive Energy-Pack, something you might notice in the description of the blade is what powers it.

  SSC Reversive Energy-Packs
These packs seem to use some biologically based technology. They feel warm to the touch and emit a faint smell of something burning.

You will need this item to be no lower than 0.9 times the QL of the Faded Immortal Katana, which makes this a bit more rough, but it shouldnt be too hard to get your filthy mittens on a high enough QL one.

The easiest way to get this piece of hardware is to visit a zone called Perpetual Wastelands. Now, before you start screaming bloody murder about that place, let us point out that, yes, it is in fact a dangerous zone. It will be neigh impossible to travel there on foot, but if you are airborne it isn't necessarily as bad as you might think. The target? Cyborgs. Through research and bribes we found a small encampment of cyborgs at around 1950 x 1400 - a dynacamp featuring a cyborg boss.

The SSC Reversive Energy-Packs does in fact not drop off the boss there, but rather is a random loot object. We chose this location because it was roughly the same level-range as the Faded Immortal Katana is, so after a while you should be able to walk away with a pack or two, depending a bit on how lucky you are, and if that Greater Anun Slasher that has a nasty tendency to appear sometimes got the better of you or not.

Next, we need only to insert the new SSC Reversive Energy-Packs into the Faded Immortal Katana to produce the finished results, our all new and shiny Immortal Katana.

  + =   Immortal Katana
This impressive katana is made from sturdy E-1187
micron-bots. These make the weapon capable of rebuilding itself when damaged - not as fast as nano-bots would, but with less loss of bots.

4.5 times the QL of the Katana in Electrical Engineering skill is required. If your skill is high enough, you will also dramatically raise the QL of the finished product. A 10% increase in QL is far from impossible, as our own testobject, the QL95 katana got itself a nice boost and ended up at QL104.

Lets take a closer look at the comparison chart over the transformation. For the sake of realism, we have kept the QL down to exactly 100 on both of these values, even though the Immortal Katana will inevitably end up at a higher quality level...

  Immortal Katana Faded Immortal Katana Improved Immortal Katana  
  Attack time 2.4 s
Recharge time 2.2 s
Range 3m
Damage 33-239 (110)
Radiation AC
Attack time 0.99 s
Recharge time 2.21 s
Range 3 m
Damage 27-129 (72)
Melee AC
Attack time 0.99 s
Recharge time 2.21 s
Range 3 m
Damage 60-110 (115)
Melee AC
2H Edged 453
Melee Energy 302
Brawling 304
Fast Attack 255
2H Edged 476
2H Edged 559
Brawling 338
Sense +5
XP Bonus +2%
Max Health +60

Final word
As you can plainly see - improving the regular Immortal Katana would be rather futile - however - the improvement on the Faded version is quite apparen't. The life-expectancy of the item is not too hot however - its a novelty item firstly, not something you would go berserk over getting simply because its so good you will be able to slaughter your way through the next 40 levels like Cohen the Librarian, but it is nice enough, and it glows in the dark! What more could you possibly ask for!

Last updated 08.January 2003

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