Weapons & Smithing: Improving Melee Weapons
  Mass Relocation Robots are really great. Want armor done? MRR's are the thing. If you want a weapon improved, yes indeed, there are robots for that as well. And who knows, in the future you might be able to upgrade your Leet doll!      
  Getting the Mass Relocation Robots
As is the case as with the Mass Relocation Robots for armor, the Mass Relocation Robots for improving weapons are also rare, and hard to find. These, however, doesn't have to be found on bosses alone - they are a lot more common than the Programmed Particle Emitters for armors. You might find them in a chest, or on a body, or indeed - if you are taking team missions, on the boss itself. However, team missions at such a low level as 10 might be a slight overkill. You will probably do just as well doing some missions on your own. There is a slight snag still - they look exactly like regular Instruction discs, so be wary not to discard discs at this level. To obtain them, you will have to get missions at their respective Quality Levels.

These are the discs you will need for the different weapons available to improving:

  Robot Instruction Disc (Improve Crushing Weapons)
QL 10

  Robot Instruction Disc (Improve Thrusting Weapons)
QL 20

  Robot Instruction Disc (Improve Slashing Weapons)
QL 30

Each one can improve a number of weapons in the game. Mind though, not all weapons in the same category are improvable - for instance, if you wanted to improve your Sledgehammer of Doom, we're really sorry - it just cannot be done at this point. To make these Instruction discs into fully functional Mass Relocation Robots, you will have to visit the Nano Crystal Components booth to get yourself a Space Symbol Library and a Photon Particle Emitter. Remember to get a Symbol Library that is are atleast 25% of the QL of the disc you are trying to make, and that you get a PPE that is at least 50% of the QL of the disc you are making. These are dirt cheap so don't worry - get high ones if you are uncertain. First, combine the Robot Instruction Disc with the Space Symbol Library to make a Robot Compiled Algorithm.

  + =   Robot Compiled Algorithm (Improve Crushing Weapons)
This is the fully linked nanobot coding for the nano program Improve Crushing Weapons.

Next, use your Photon Particle Emitter on the Robot Compiled Algorithm and you will end up with a Programmed Photon Particle Emitter version of the disc.

  + =   Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Improve Crushing Weapons)

Here ends the likeness with any regular nanodiscs, as you cannot combine this into a Nano Crystal. Instead - you will need to get yourself a Mass Relocation Robot from the General Tools and Bases booth.

  Mass Relocating Robot
This is a small industrial robot. It is prepared to receive
programming via a Programmed Photon Particle Emitter.

Make sure you get at least a QL40 Mass Relocation Robot to make sure you will be able to improve QL200 weapons. Combine the MRR with the the Programmed Photon Particle Emitter, and voilá - a final version of the Robot!

  + =   in our case, its a
Mass Relocating Robot (Improve Crushing Weapons)

If you wish to keep a handy reference of what weapons the Robots can improve, we recommend that you buy an MRR - Program List from your local General Recipes booth.

  MRR - Program List
This list is automatically updated whenever new programs
and uses for the Mass Relocating Robot are developed.

The book lists all the weapons that are improvable, and will update itself once new weapons gets around. To make things a bit easier, and to prevent you from having to log in to get this item, here are the weapons available to improvements.

  Improve Crushing Weapons Improve Slashing Weapons Improve Thrusting Weapons  
  Advanced Baseballbat
Zenith Taichi
Burning Crescent
Clean Slay Axe
Slank Chop
Gofleprod (prod those gofles!)
Click Stabber
Tango Dirk

We will monitor our copy of the MRR - Program List and update here as new weapons are added to it. There is also a rumor going around that the Immortal Katana can be improved by this method, however - we have nothing to substanciate that claim as of yet. To Upgrade a weapon, simply use the MRR on the Weapon of your choice and you will end up with the Improved version - this takes exactly the quality of the weapon times 4.5 Weaponsmithing skill.

  + =   Improved Premium Stun-Baton

For a reference on how much the weapons are Improved, here is a comparison between a regular Stun Baton, and an improved one at QL200.

  Premium Stun-Baton Improved Premium Stun-Baton  
  Attack time 1.5 s
Recharge time 1.5 s
Damage 1-246 (200)
Melee AC
Attack time 1.52 s
Recharge time 1.52 s
Damage 20-280 (240)
Energy AC
1H Bunt 807
Melee Energy 538
Brawl 538
Fast Attack 449
Sneak Attack 449
Dimach 180
Multi Melee 827
1H Blunt 829
Brawl 553
Melee Energy 553
Fast Attack 461
Dimach 185
Multi Melee 786
Energy AC 140

Final word

Improving weapons raises the damage, and could slightly raises the attack-speed, but also - depending on the QL of the weapon, and your skill - increases the Quality level of the weapon, by up to 15%. Both good and bad really if you suddenly find your QL 160 Taichi to be QL184 and unwearable due to too high stats, so be careful with that.

Last updated 29.March 2003

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