Weapons & Smithing: Sealed Weapon Receptacles
  It must be good if someone tried to hide it from you, or even sealed it up in hard to crack receptacles! Dying of curiousity we cracked them open for you, to find out just what kind of illegal goodies these contain.      
  Sealed Weapon Receptacles can be found in missions, more specifically in chests - they're rare, but they're out there. Due to the illicit nature of these weapons, they cant be store-bought, since its illegal to import them to Rubi-Ka. However, it is not illegal to own it.

According to recent agreements between ICC, cooperative clan forums and the Omni-Tek corporation, citizens of Rubi-Ka should be aware of the following command:
If you should get into your possession a so called 'weapon receptacle' - orders are to destroy it immediately, or if you are unable to: Deliver it to the executives of your faction for obliteration. Any citizen found with receptacles of this kind in their possession should expect to be taken actions against.

Be aware that hacking the receptacles will be of little use, as the weapons inside are dismounted, and will not function without their missing parts.

The one thing you will need for all of the receptacles out there is a Hacker Tool, easily found in the Tools or Devices booth. Hacking the receptacles takes Break & Entry skill. For the rest of the processes, the skill used is Weapon Smithing. And of course, let's not forget the receptacle itself. By using the Hacker Tool on the receptacle, you will end up with an Unfinished version of the weapon.

  + =   In this example, its a receptacle containing an Unfinished Summer SMP

All the weapons in receptacles so far are ranged ones, so the parts you will need for ALL of these, are readily available from the Ranged Weapons Components booth, in any store. Make sure that the tradeskill component is of the quality level you would want the finished product in, since the QL of the component controls which QL the finished product becomes. Its perfectly possible to combine a QL200 Unfinished Alsaqri Chemical rifle with a QL5 Self-Repairing Ultra-X, ending up with a QL5 weapon, so be careful when selecting the QL of the component. We will show you the finished results of every weapon in their QL200-form (in the case of the Soft Pepper pistol, QL194), in alphabetical order.

Alsaqri Chemical Rifle

To build this weapon, you will need a Self-Repairing Ultra-X. Simply combine the Unfinished Alsaqri Chemical Rifle with the Self-Repairing Ultra-X and you will have a functional Alsaqri Rifle - all ready to go out leethunting with JimmyBob and BillyBob!

  + =   Alsaqri Chemical Rifle

  Alsaqri Chemical Rifle QL200    
  Attack time 1 s
Recharge time 1.2 s
Range 35 m
Clip 20
Damage 10-205 (325)
Chemical AC

HSR Explorer 661

To build your HSR Explorer, you will need a Generic Magnetic Propulsion System. A comment about this gun is that it is currently bugged, so it actually uses Melee Init and not Ranged Init. We will update you about this when it is fixed. The HSR Explorer adds a small amount of HP and is Adventurer-only.

  + =   HSR Explorer 661

  HSR Explorer 661 QL200    
  Attack time 1.1 s
Recharge time 1 s
Range 14 m
Clip 20
Damage 1-210 (210)
Poison AC

IMI Tellus TT

To create the IMI Tellus TT, you will need to get a Flake Tubing Super-Coolant System. Its a soldier-only pistol (one of a select few soldier-only weapons) and adds a small Ranged Init bonus.

  + =   IMI Tellus TT

  IMI Tellus TT QL200    
  Attack time 1.5 s
Recharge time 2.5 s
Range 25 m
Clip 28
Damage 1-400 (280)
Projectile AC

Ithaca Ki12 Vulture

It wasnt long ago since the Ithaca shotgun hybrid was the talk of the town. Recently the trend has turned and the original Ithacas are still a nice weapon, however not as sought-after as they once were. The vulture version is an adventurer-only weapon. To build this, you will need a Nano-Interfaced Cooling System. The Vulture also adds slightly to Sense, Perception and Ranged Init.

  + =   Ithaca Ki12 Vulture

  Ithaca Ki12 Vulture QL200    
  Attack time 1.5 s
Recharge time 1.5 s
Range 22 m
Clip 80
Damage 50-230 (500) -
Projectile AC

River Seasons XP

The River Seasons XP is another adventurer-only gun, and as most of adventurers arsenal nowadays, this is dualwieldable. The creation of the finished River Seasons XP gun requires an Ultra Short Composite Barrel. The River Seasons XP pistol adds a small amount of Nano Init as well.

  + =   River Seasons XP

  River Seasons XP QL200    
  Attack time 2 s
Recharge time 2 s
Range 15 m
Clip 25
Damage 50-348 (319)
Projectile AC

Soft Pepper Pistol

The Soft Pepper pistol has been called "The Pillow Replacement", since its now more popular (and eyepleasing to some) to walk around with a pistol instead of a pillow. The reason for this is that the pistol adds to three nano-skills, frequently used by Doctors, Nano-technicians and Meta-Physicists, namely Bio Met, Mat Crea and Mat Metam(+28 at QL194) . The pistol is dualwieldable, but requires a skill over 1700 at QL194. However, it is perfectly possible to wear a high one and a lower regular gun with lower multiwield-requirements and so is still a great way to get those nanoskills "up there". To build this, you will need a Nano Pylon. Unfortunately its impossible to dual-wield two Peppers, since its a left-hand-only weapon which means that while it is dual-wieldable, you cannot wield two of the same gun (IE, perfectly possible to dualwield with another gun, but not possible to dualwield two Soft Peppers).

  + =   Soft Pepper Pistol

  Soft Pepper Pistol QL 194    
  Attack time 0.5 s
Recharge time 0.5 s
Range 18 m
Clip 23
Damage 19-24 (195)
Poison AC

Sol Chironis Systems

The Sol Chironis Systems is a submachine gun, or SMG, and when introduced stirred some ruckus in the Fixer-ranks. To create one, you will need an Energy Pack Interface.The Sol in addition adds a small Runspeed-bonus.

  + =   Sol Chironis Systems

  Sol Chironis Systems QL200    
  Attack time 1.5 s
Recharge time 1.5 s
Range 25 m
Clip 100
Damage 1-300 (400)
Energy AC

Summer SMP

The Summer SMP is a remarkably versatile gun, as it can be finished in more than one way. In fact - it can be made into four different versions, depending on which item you combine it with! The different versions are the Summer Burst SMP, the Summer FA SMP, the Summer Fling SMP and the Summer Shells SMP. We will start off with the Summer Burst SMP, which requires a Triple Pulse Enabler.

  + =   Summer Burst SMP

  Summer Burst SMP QL200    
  Attack time 1.6 s
Recharge time 1.6 s
Range 20 m
Clip 32
Damage 1-320 (240)
Projectile AC

Next up is the FA, or FullAuto version, the Summer FA SMP, which requires a Gyro stabilizing unit.

  + =   Summer FA SMP

  Summer FA SMP QL200    
  Attack time 1 s
Recharge time 1.2 s
Range 35 m
Clip 32
Damage 1-320 (80)
Projectile AC

Next, the flingshot version, the Summer Fling SMP, one of two versions that are dualwieldable. To make this version, you will need a Rapid-Reload-And-Fire Gyro.

  + =   Summer Fling SMP

  Summer Fling SMP QL200    
  Attack time 1.6 s
Recharge time 1.6 s
Range 24 m
Clip 32
Damage 1-320 (180)
Projectile AC

The Summer Shells SMP version, the other dualwieldable version, requires you to combine the Unfinished Summer SMP with a Shells Magazine.

  + =   Summer Shells SMP

  Summer Shells SMP QL200    
  Attack time 1.8 s
Recharge time 1.8 s
Range 15 m
Clip 26
Damage 30-320 (470)
Projectile AC

Final word

The introduction of weapons like this created quite the stir, in particular the Soft Pepper pistol and the SMG guns. As more of these guns, highly illegal as they may be, are brought to our attention, we will report on how to make them. For now, good luck hunting those evil leets using your Summer FA SMP gun! Go straight for the good parts - meatloaf!

Last updated 7. October 2002

Slavika, Atlantean

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