Weapons & Smithing: Backyard Weaponry
  Wanna be the scourge of the Jobe backyard? What you need is to get yourself a weapon worthy of the task, and what better way to get one but through hunting down some mobs and whack them over the head!      
Your first time in the new Shadowlands backyard? Wish you had a nice weapon to tote at those nasty critters in there? Well - with a few minutes of killing you can end up with some reall nice ones and although they are only meant for low-level introduction to tradeskills, these weapons do pack a punch - especially at this meager level.

There are, in total, six weapons - four ranged weapons and two melee ones. Depending a bit on what sort of weapon you are looking for (Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Smg, 1HE or Piercing) you will need to hunt down a few different mobs. The easiest ones to get hold of are the melee weapons as the ranged weapons will require a little bit more camping, although not as much as you would think. We'll take a look at the melee versions first, and then the ranged ones, as the ranged ones are slightly different.

The melee weapons are all built upon the same base, a Handle-Shaped Toe-Bone. In order to get one of these you will need to track down and kill a "Beit Gras" mob. These can be found around the small pond-area in the backyard. You will also need to bag yourself a Shining Coiler and get something called Snake Bile - sounds yummy doesnt it?

    Handle-Shaped Gofle Toe Bone
This is a toe bone from the gofle species called a 'Beit Gras'. It looks like a handle.
    Snake Bile
This is bile from the snake species called a 'Shining Coiler'. It is very sticky, and seems to harden quickly.

You will need to combine these two items into the base on which we will build the finished product, as such...

  + =   Bone Handle
This is a 'Bone Handle'.

There, now you have the basis for the melee weapons, a Bone Handle. On towards the next step.

If you are aiming to build a piercing weapon, you will need a Silvertail Horn - if you're more into the slash-and-bash business, you will want to hunt down a Deceitful Weaver and yank off a leg to get yourself a Spider Shank.

    Silvertail Horn
This is the horn of the creature called a 'Silvertail'. It is rather sharp.
    Spider Shank
This is the shank of the spider species called a 'Deceitful Weaver'. It has a good, sharp edge.

Simply combine the Bone handle with the item of your choice and you will end up with a nice little weapon with which you can whoop some more innocent snakes around with.

  + =   In our case, we made a
Spider Shank Machete

f you're more into ranged weaponry, the base for all the ranged weapons is made from two separate items - one is an item called a Chimera Metal Bone Pipe - which, surprisingly enough, drops from the Chimeras in the backyard. You will also need an Energy Accumulator, which you can find if you take down one of the Pond Dryads at the murky pond-area.

    Chimera Metal Bone Pipe
This hollow tube was part of the mechanical leg of a 'Lurking Chimera'.
    Energy Accumulator
This gadget seems to have supplied the Pond Dryad with energy of some sort.

Combine these two items into the basis of our new gun - the Basic Firearm.

  + =   Basic Firearm
The 'Basic Firearm is not a durable weapon

Like mentioned before - the firearm can be made into four different types of weaponry, depending on what you want to use - the pistol, submachinegun, rifle or shotgun. You will need to go hunting some more now, but here is where the method of hunting differs from the melee weapons. Instead of different mobs for different versions of the weapon, all the items you will need drops from a single type of mob, namely the Primitive Mortiigs near the Brink of the backyard. What you are looking for are Soul stone's which come in four variants, depending on the weapon you want to build.

  Singing Soul Stone - for Pistol version
Laughing Soul Stone - for Submachine gun version
Whispering Soul Stone - for Rifle version
Howling Soul Stone - for Shotgun version

Once you've gotten hold of the soul-stone you want, its an easy process to slam it into the Basic Firearm and you will end up with the finished item.

  + =   In our case, we made a
Chimera Pistol

Like mentioned at the beginning of the guide - these are lowbie weapons. They're not meant to last you throughout your levelling all the way to level 50, but they are very nice to have and provide a nice glimpse into the world of tradeskills for those who are interested in that. And they do look sort of funky, especially the Spider Shank Machete.

Last updated 05.October 2003

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