Weapons & Smithing: Spiritech Weapon Upgrades
  Modifying weapons is something that has been around for a short time, what with the upgrades for the popular soldierguns and mantis-weaponry. However, none of the above are as customizable as the Inamorata and Sacrosanct weapons, which truly are marvels of Spiritech.      
Dead sexy, no? The bow that is. The one wearing it leaves a fair bit to be desired. This is one of many new weapons in the Shadowlands, called an Inamorata Bow, and its definitely one of the more flexible weapons there is since it can be upgraded.

Some weapons may even be upgraded into multiple other versions, so if you're into customization this might be your thing.

First off, lets talk about what kind of weapons there are. There are 13 basic types of weapons in total, split into two categories - melee and ranged, as such...

Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons
Cutlass / Short Sword Assault Rifle
Naginata / Sword Staff Smg / Mg
Quarterstaff / Crusher Bow
Rapier / Stiletto Pistol
Swatter / Nunchaku Rifle
Trident / Spear Shotgun
Tonfa / Mallet  

The basic weapons can be found pretty much everywhere in Shadowlands from sided mobs, so better pack up that tent and the mosquito-spray, you might be heading for a few hours of beating up some unredeemed (for Sacrosanct weapons) or redeemed (for Inamorata weapons) mobs.

  Unredeemed Variant Redeemed Variant
1 Handed Blunt Tonfa Mallet
1 Handed Edged Cutlass Short Sword
2 Handed Blunt Quarterstaff Crusher
2 Handed Edged Naginata Sword Staff
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
Bow Bow Bow
Martial Arts / 1HB Swatter Nunchaku
Piercing Rapier Stiletto
Piercing / Melee Energy Trident Spear
Pistol Pistol Pistol
Rifle Rifle Rifle
Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun
Smg / Mg Blaster Blaster

Once you have found your weapons, you need to decide what sort of upgrade you want for it. Not all upgrades fit all weapons, no matter how much you would want Dimach on that assault-rifle of yours. Not all combinations are available either, to keep certain weapons to becoming too powerful (fullauto, burst, aimedshot, fling shot) and here is where it gets a bit iffy separating the weapon-variants. The naming conventions which might be confusing at first will make sense to you after a while.

You upgrade the weapons using little shiny marbles, Glyphs, which you can find scattered around the place - the most reliable place to find them are Spiritmobs. We took a little tour down to Ergo in Scheol and started smiting the Spirits right outside the cave. Well.. that is.. until they smote us back and Twicer ran like a hungry 'trox smelling homecooked dinner, all while screaming "ld ld ld!". Spirits can be tough when they come en masse, but with some form of heals you should be able to take on a few, just beware that nanodrain of theirs, it can be quite annoying.

  Grey Glyph of Aban-Shere
The word 'glyph' is a name humans use on a certain type of shadowland specific
'spirited technology', or 'spiritech', that can be used to change or upgrade other
articles that use the same type of technology. Sometimes it can be used to improve aspects of more primitive technologies as well.

It looks innocent, but its powerful indeed. There are a a whole bunch of these available. Sixteen of them to be precise. To make it a bit easier on you, we compiled a list of what the different Glyphs do and what their name is.

Grey Glyph of Aban
Adds Sneak Attack

Grey Glyph of Ocra-Bhotaar
Adds Burst and Fling Shot
Grey Glyph of Aban-Shere
Adds Sneak Attack, Fast Attack and Brawl

Grey Glyph of Ocra-Roch
Adds Fling Shot and Fullauto
Grey Glyph of Aban-Thar
Adds Sneak Attack and Fast Attack

Grey Glyph of Ocra-Shere
Adds Fling Shot and Aimed Shot
Grey Glyph of Bhotaar
Adds Burst

Grey Glyph of Ocra-Xum
Adds Burst and Fullauto
Grey Glyph of Enel
Adds Brawl

Grey Glyph of Roch
Adds Fullauto
Grey Glyph of Enel-Thar
Adds Brawl and Fast Attack

Grey Glyph of Shere
Adds Aimed Shot
Grey Glyph of Enel-Xum
Adds Brawl and Dimach

Grey Glyph of Thar
Adds Fast Attack
Grey Glyph of Ocra
Adds Fling Shot
Grey Glyph of Xum
Adds Dimach

See what we mean about naming conventions? Like we mentioned before - not all upgrades can be used for all weapons. For instance, it is impossible to slap in a long-range scope providing Aimed Shot on your Assault Rifle or make your Shotgun fire fullauto-rounds. However, the weapons primary functions are all there and every weapon is guaranteed at least a singular upgrade.

To list the complete range of weaponry including the upgrade possibilities, you can look at the table below. As you can see, a lot of weapons receive multiple upgrades, such as the Assault-Rifle and Tonfa, while others like the Bow, Pistol and Swatter receives fewer. Please do note that this list only includes the Inamorata versions and not the Sacrosanct ones as that would bloat the guide - the Sacrosanct versions receive the same upgradeability though.

    Inamorata Assaultrifle Upgrades:
Bhotaar Roch
    Inamorata Naginata Upgrades:
Enel Thar
Enel-Thar Xum
    Inamorata Blaster Upgrades:
    Inamorata Quarterstaff Upgrades:
Enel Thar
Enel-Thar Xum
    Inamorata Pistol Upgrades:
    Inamorata Rapier Upgrades:
Aban Enel
Aban-Shere Enel-Thar
Aban-Thar Enel-Xum
Thar Xum
    Inamorata Bow Upgrades:
    Inamorata Swatter Upgrades:
    Inamorata Rifle Upgrades:
    Inamorata Trident Upgrades:
Aban Enel
Aban-Shere Enel-Thar
Aban-Thar Thar
    Inamorata Shotgun Upgrades:
    Inamorata Tonfa Upgrades:
Aban Enel
Aban-Shere Enel-Thar
Aban-Thar Enel-Xum
    Inamorata Cutlass Upgrades:
Aban Enel
Aban-Shere Enel-Thar
Aban-Thar Enel-Xum

They look pretty, don't they? They will definitely lift a few eyebrows if you run around toting these weapons, so if you like attention, they're definitely for you. We still haven't dared to pry the Inamorata Bow from Twicer yet - he keeps screaming about "my precious" all the time when we come close to him.

With the weapon of our choice, and the Glyph that we need, in our hands, its now time to do the actual upgrade. The actual combine is simple enough, just pick up the Glyph and glue it onto the weapon, and...

  + =   In our case, we made an
Inamorata Ocra-Roch Assault Rifle

...presto! A fully functional assault rifle! The combination process requires you to have a lot of skill though - 6 times the QL of the weaponry in Weaponsmithing, 5 times the QL of the weapon in Electrical Engineering and 4 times the QL of the weapon in Quantum Physics. So if you get a QL200 version of these, you might actually have a hard time finding someone to do the combines for you.

As if that wasnt enough, the weapon's QL-ranges stretches all the way up to 300 and its a bit pushing your luck going around asking engineers if they have 1800 weaponsmithing.

All said and done, lets take a look at two of the weapons - the Ocra-Roch Assault Rifle and the Aban-Shere Cutlass, both interpolated at QL200. We wont list a detailed comparison for all 20 weapons, but these two should give you some hint on how the weapons perform.

  Inamorata Ocra-Roch Assault Rifle Inamorata Aban-Shere Cutlass  
  Attack time 4.5 s
Recharge time 1 s
Range 25 m
Clip 120
Damage 125-255 (105)
Chemical AC

Faction 15001
Assault rifle 1083
Fling shot 683
Full auto 1003
Attack time 2 s
Recharge time 2 s
Range 2 m
Damage 80-210 (80)
Melee AC

Faction 15001
1h Edged 1083
Sneak attack 542
Fast attack 542
Brawl 651
Multi Melee 1338

Final word
As you can see from the statistics, the damage on the weapons are far from good - in fact, we are prepared to say that it shows they're part of an old civilization indeed. There are a few gems amongst them though, like the Inamorata Bow which does quite nicely, however, they are still nothing like the Rubi-Ka'n weaponry we are used to. They do look nice though - in fact, they look very nice, so if you're concerned about looks, you should definitely look into these.

Last updated 04.October 2003

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